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Reporter's Diary:Confidomania of Iyanya

 By Niyi Tabiti

 In the last two years, i must say that the Nigerian entertainment industry has done so well. Before now, the millionaires in the industry were traditional singers who got sprayed with Naira notes at events. 
 King Sunny Ade,Oliver de conque,Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and others topped the list.These days almost all musicians with hit songs have a fat account in the bank!Thank God for major brands,who sees entertainment as a tool in propagating the gospel of their goods and services.
  Right now, one of the hottest musicians in Nigeria is Iyanya Mbuk. I am one of those who was not surprised about the overwhelming success recorded by the artiste within a short period of time. I was there when he won MTN project fame.I was also there durning the golden moment of his album launch at Ultima Studios,Omole.Iyanya was always in company of a friend, Azuka Ogujuiba of Thisday Newspapers.This was when he was not popular but Azuka was helping him get access into events.
One thing i noticed everytime i saw him with Azuka was the 'fineboynism' and confidence.Eben when he was not known he was already behaving like a susperstar.I saw him on red carpets looking so confident with a charming smile. It was as if he knew he would get to the top of the game so soon.Get inspired.

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