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Story & Photo by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

While Moji, one of the daughters of Otunba Alex Onabanjo is going through what many describe as the most trying period of her life because of her ‘ill-fated’ marriage to Gbenga Obasanjo, her sister, Moyo is enjoying marital bliss with her husband, Bode Makanjuola of Carverton Helicopters.
Moyo and Bode Makanjuola now rank among the hottest couples in town. We have seen them together at different events.Bode have been pampering his better half. We saw the two of them at the ongoing Lagos Polo tournament. A friend disclosed “it is shame to those who believe that Bode was a play boy, as such was not ready to settle down.They have been proved wrong because of the way the young man has been playing his role as a married man”
The two got married in a talk of the town ceremony sometime ago in Ago Iwoye,Ogun State.


  1. na by dat? Niyi abegi leave dt ting o! forget appearances even me sef dey do am. wen i go out wit my boo we pretend 2 B da happiest couple on da face of earth but inside hse na anoda matter. people dont be fooled. i wish dem all da best sa!

  2. are you arse licking niyi?
    that aside is that bioye adelekan in the middle?and IS SHE PREGNANT?or is that a very bad position?

  3. Get your facts right Mr Celebrity Paparazzi journalist/photographer. Bode does not look work for Caverton Helicopters. He works at Le Global Gas/ Caverton Marine. The wedding was not done at Ago Iwoye. Wedding and recepction was done in Lagos and Bisi Olatilo aired it. Lady next to Bode is definitely not Moyo.

  4. @3rd comment-need to ask urself questions b4 u write o.Niyi is correct...i was also at their traditional wedding in Ago Iwoye,the hometwon of the onabanjos.dignitaries came from far and near.
    Abeg,Bode is a director in Carverton Helicopters owned by his father.He run things there with his brother Niyi.
    Carverton Marine is just another arm.I know Moyo too.
    The babe in the middle was not captioned as Moyo,shine ur eyes b4 writing comment.
    Niyi carry go.

    one day they shall feature you too AMIN

  6. And the ppl say a big AMEN!

  7. @ anon 5.56 - Yeah I know there was an event in Ago Iwoye at the Onabanjo's residence. Like i said earlier, it was shown on Bisi Olatilo Show.The wedding proper was in lagos and Olu Maintain performed and pls see this link for some of the pictures.

    Secondly, Caverton Helicopters is run by Niyi and his brother Rotimi. Bode runs Le Global Gas which is owned by their dad also. Link below shows an interview Bode gave to the Punch in his capacity as ED of Le Global Gas. (

    If thats not enough for you, you can go to Le Global Gas's website and see Bode's details as the contact there.

    If thats still not enough for you, you can read this interview that Niyi Makanjuola gave thisday which states very clearly why Bode Makanjuola founded and runs Caverton Marine.
    I have nothing to prove!

  8. @ anon above. e be like say you sef na reporter o.

  9. @last comment.U just try to show urself asmr no it all.Haba!Niyi wrote that there wasa party in Ago Iwoye.U also concurred.The poor guy also said that the guy hasa stake in Carverton Helicopters,u say na him brotherdey work there.Is carverton helicopter not their father's company? Are Niyi and Rotimi not his brothers? IsCarton marine not a sisiter company to Carverton marine.Abeg,we too we dey live for America and Europe,not all their tabloids with all the resources,get it 100 percent but this Niyi boy don try and i dey read am,dey hearabout people wey dey Nigeria thatsame day, everyday free!
    let clap for the chap.I think he should start charging,if he makes 1 dollar from 500 people every day,we would pay his bills and travel around the world covering Nigerians.Abeg,if i see the guy sef,i go kiss am
    The question @last comment should av been is it true that moyo and Bode are enjoying themselves...not showing us that Bode this or bode that.Carverton is carverton. Biko nu!

  10. @last comment.I support ur views!carverton is carverton!Mr.Know all comment is unwarranted
    I am also a friend to Bode and i was at the Ago Iwoye Event as pointed out by Niyi.
    two,bode is really dotting over Moyo and playing is role as a husand.Many of us thought he wasa playboy because girls hang around him alot.
    three,Carverton is carverton and it is owned by their father.
    Niyi is correct on all the facts before this blog of law.My lord,that is my submission.
    i live in Nigeria,Ikoyi to be precise. And i enjoy reading this blog.I was invited to the blog by my elder sister who lives in United States.I was suprisedwhen she started telling me some things that happens around town even before i get to read it in papers.
    Niyi u have to start charfging ,Atleast,if it is 50 cent per day or 1 dollar per week,it would pay for all the insult u get.God bless

  11. looks don't mean a thang!!!! i recall being out wif my man right after some crazy quarells and stuff
    (black eye covered in shades(lie o!!!! abeg), fumes coming out right outta my nose and ears like a bull lol!!!) and we both look like brad and angie so so happy wif the beyonce kindda plastic smiles that look freaking real and not 1soul can tell what's happened and still would happen when they turn thier!

    so really looks don't mean a thang and the truth is they might really be happy.
    * caverton is caverton guys keep ur voice down aiight?LMAO!
    big shout got it locked down!!!

  12. E be like say Mr Know it all no get job abi e get enough time!! omo, see as he write one long thing like dat. Omo, get a life o! Only thing wey I like about mr know it all na sey pe the guy put authentic sources down and im better pass saying anonymous friend talk one thing or talk the other. Because person fit dey make that anonymous nonsense up!

  13. Who gives a fcuk?? find something better to do with your lives than gist of irrelevant people... na you dey make them relevant... If you want to talk about about ppl... try talking about ppl that have or are adding to society... bless !!!

  14. Can you please stop talking about this incest filled family! After all Bode is not the only member of his family that KNOWS his wife!

  15. the last 'comment' is libelous so should be removed. If you beleive it to be true post your name

  16. Gistmaster, can you dig up more pics from their wedding for us? thnx


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