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Story & Photo by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

This afternoon, I had a phone conversation with a friend who works in one of Nigeria’s leading radio stations. She gave me a lead into a story on hip hop singer, Soul E
She hinted that Nigeria’s most controversial hip hop couple, Emmanuel Okose, popularly known as Soul E and his better half, Queen Ure Okezie seems to be taking their church project seriously. I couldn’t argue with her because I have come to realize that ‘anything can happen’ especially in showbiz.
“Soul E turns church owner or pastor?” I asked myself. I learnt they are using their residence on Adeyemo Akapo Street, Omole Estate Phase 1, right now. I could not reach Soul E on the phone but he told my friend that the Church thing with Ure is a calling from God. He also disclosed that they already have about 50 committed members .
It should be recalled that the couple were sent away by their pastor,Rev.Chris Okotie of Household of God.Okotie disapproved their liaison, insisting that it was ungodly.
Soul E and Ure became the most talked about couple in town last year due to the age difference between them. While Soul E is said to be 24, Ure his beautiful wife is about 35 years. Lot of people was against it because such thing is rather strange in Africa. Some people even think it is part of showbiz gimmick until Soul E followed Ure to her hometown for the normal traditional do.Today,they live together.
Ure, daughter of a former minister in Nigeria, use to work with First Inland Bank. The well connected Ure also drives choice cars, a more reason people think Soul E was only out for ‘gold digging’.Gold digging or not,Ure has re packaged Soul E.He looks chubby and now dresses like a true showbiz personality.
The first time I saw Ure and Soul E together was at the residence of RMD.Iretiola Doyle had her 40th birthday there.RMD was not at home but Jumobi, his wife hosted everyone right.Patrick Doyle,the husband of the celebrant was also a perfect host.
Soul E and Ure came in the midnight and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.The party was shortly before their romance went public.To say the truth, I never knew they were dating.I knew Ure was a banker, I thought,she was only being 'friendly' with a bank customer.You know the 'marketing, marketing' stuff.At the party, I only tried to get the picture of Funlola Aofiyebi's boyfriend.She had been hiding the fellow from journalists.She realised what i was trying to do and said "I know what you are trying to do.When she was leaving around 3 a.m in a jetta car with the guy I said "goodbye" and she answered with emphasis "You toooooooo, goooood night!"


  1. Please keep the gist coming for those of us out of the country. Thanks!!

  2. Niyi, o farabale ko eleyi o...

    My mom has told me never to 'talk' about Pastors or 'Pastors' so i'll sharrap...sigh

    Why is Funlola hiding her bobo, its allowed sha.

    And, age is nothing but a number.

  3. na wah o!!!! wonders shall neva end or do i say he's walking in his former pastor's footstep!!!!
    i think he need to get a grip!!!!

  4. Well for starters, i like Soul E. I believe that he is talented. Whatever he decides to do, is his chioice, as long, as he is hearing from God.

    Ure & Soul E make a great couple - it takes a lot to survive the challenges involved in yougnger man / older woman relationship and if that's what they want for themselves, i say, more to them!

    As long as they are happy and fulfilled in their relationship.

    Funlola may have her reasons for hiding her boyfriend / fiance. I tell you, whoever, cares to listen - that being a celebrity in any part of the world ain't easy. It definitely comes with a lot of drama, gossip, innuendos, hating, baggages, you name it, it is there.

    So. i think that us; their fans, family, close friends, even some reporters should try to be a bit compassionate and try and see things from their own point of view, not all the time - sometimes, though.

    They are not always right in their type of lifestyles; that i know and so are we - that live our own lives behind closed doors.


  5. Na wa oh.. well i dunno soul e, but its like nowadays err'body wanna be a pastor, err'body dey hear from God, very soon niyi, u too go wan open church abi? jokes*

    hmmmph.. gooduck to him!

  6. Mistakes....please patiently write your blog...
    Who cares about the type of car she was driving????

    Naija lol

  7. at anon above - I DO!

  8. hell pple care to know what care he drives and stuff!!!! we all wanna know a little of what he is paid for his "mumurity or magarity"!

  9. dude is damn hillarious!!! listened to him saying he's always had the calling and talking about how he and his wife over see the church all i did was shake my damn head!!!!

    it's a sorry case that he feels he could just dabble into this and still do your music!!! it's gotta be the the church or the oda(music) dude. he's blowing hot and cold big time. this dude gets the big HO SIT DOWN!!!!!

  10. What was Pastor Okotie's yawa with the couple? the age difference?

    You mean he threw them out as in banned them from attending the church?

    I dont see any problem with the age difference and I dont believe God does. He may however not approve of the fornication though.

  11. hi Tabiti,

    since i av bin the uk your blog is part of my daily stuff.
    nice one broda !

    lanre alfred

  12. sounds funny.... 24 to 35... gold digging or not what matter is that they love each other. but everybody won become pastors who go be members of the church? na waooooooooooooooo

  13. We need to stop using God's name for foolishness like just starting a church just because you got kicked out from another church. Many people that starts a church still needs to get their life together.

  14. Is this the Ure Okezie from Ibeku Umuahia whose late father was a medical doctor?

  15. well,what gose around comes around.this ure was married before.what happen to her 1st husband? people are busy living a fake life.age no no church.from okotie to all involed,we no the truth.and the truth is found in the bible.the only ground for any man or woman to live his or her husband is dealth and fornicaton.pratice what you read.any way i will never be seen in any of these places talk more of being a member.


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