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Nigerians are naturally funny people.I read through the comments posted on Fathia Balogun's picture and I just realised the Nigerian comedy merchants have strong competitors.Our winners emerged this weekend.Let us borrow Lagos Lotto pay off- 'E fit be you o!'

A friend once confessed to me that one of the things he enjoys most about are the comments posted by people.My friend said anytime he needed a good laugh, he opens the blog and read comments.A top female journalist also told me the same.


I don't know about New York..London or Amsterdam but when it comes to Lagos,I know it very, very well! These days i noticed that many people have turned Eatries to their 'office'.That is where most fraudulent people now commit their atrocities.I call them funny crooks because of cock and bull stories they tell people just to get money.

Thye are usually dressed with some female accomplises.You will them with files or envelopes...sometimes discussing in group.They rate you by what you buy.Once you buy peppered chicken and fried rice, they know that you are loaded.If what you order is just a sausage and a bottle of Coke...they will just look the other way. don't want to mention names but when next you visit Nigeria just be careful of what you say in eatery.If you are the kind that love t pose with your 'red' or 'blue ' passport,you will become wiser when the deed had been done.Owners of these eatries should do something fast before people start naming names!


The number of celebrities reading the blog has also risen astronomically.I go through some comments and I see the 'hand writing' of those who 'know'.What you guys don't know is that you positive impacts in the lives of many people.One actress was telling me the other day that she had to change certain things because of comments.

Let me make a confession .I realised many Nigerians abroad are already 'flying' while many of us back home are still walking.Don't blame us, most politicians prefer to use Government money for personal benefits.Well, things are fast changing because of the probe panels, Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and other relevant agencies dealing with the issue right now.'Politricktians'deprive helpless Nigerians citizens their basic rights all for vain glory.

Most of the time, they want to impress chics that they have all the money in this world, meanwhile so many people are losing their lives because of lack of basic health care.

Soon,soon and very soon (I predict) politics will no more be lucrative in Nigeria.When people see that they can no more our money and send it abroad,only the genuine ones will come out and ask for vote.Most of them can not swore their oath using African tradition religion.That is what they call 'steal and die' no remedy.Do you support it?
Hey!One of Nigeria's hottest actresses celebrated the 'birth' of her fashion label last weekend.Watch out!!!


  1. Na wa for u o, Niyi. You didn't even announce who the winner of the Fathia Balogun caption is, u just went straight on to other topics.

    BTW, isn't it better to name these eateries where these yahooze businesses are operating. To be forewarned is to be fore-armed, init?

  2. pls ask the ask the anyiam osigwes to be nice to there staff


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