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Story and photos by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Remi Fagbohun is aimed for the tops and she would not let anything come in between her and success.
Remi dashed into country few weeks back to do this and that.Indeed she achieved much of what she came to do until she left for her base on Wednesday night.A friend based in Canada had informed me that Remi Fagbohun, the lady behind Verstaile Shopper was in Nigeria.She asked if I would love to interview her and my answer was "Yes"
Shortly after the lecture I was covering in Lagos on wednesday, I got a call that I should come over to her place in Ikoyi.
On getting there, I met Bolu Sokunbi and she welcomed me with the kind of smile that would have made an Adolf Hitler changed his mind from commiting atrocities."Niyi, I am very sorry for the change in appointment.Yesterday was a very tight day for us but today is cool.She would be leaving for the US this night" Bolu said.
"Apology accepted"
Bolu ushered me into the tastefully furnished living room (You can never have nightmare, if you sleep in such a place.No matter the kind of forces after you).Few minutes later, Remi emerged from the inner room.She greeted me with a smile dancing on her lips.She offered the same explanation as Bolu's. "I am okay" I said politely in responce to her offer for a drink.She was speaking very fast just like a typical yankee chic.
I am already used to all these 'I gonna, I gonna' so, it was not much of problem getting to understand all what was saying.I later discovered though she was born in the United States and knows how to twist her tongue in the American Accent, Remi can also speak Yoruba very well.She is from Ayede Ekiti in Ekiti State.

Remi Fagbohun is the beautiful lady behind Versatile Shopper, a company based in United States with tantacles spread accross Africa and Europe.She is fondly described as one of New York's finest image consultants,professional shoppers and stylists.Remi help celebrities look their best whenever they are stepping out for a grand outing.She knows what fits and how to shop for it anywhere. gathered that she has done stuffs for the likes of Larry Johnson,Nkechi 'Jay jay' Okocha,Julisa Bermudez,Kirsten O'brien, amongst others.
She started by helping family and friends get the fashion accessories, now it is a big business. sought to know more about her and she informed that she was the second in a family of 10.She happens to be the first girl.Right now, she is happily married with a kid to show for it.
Excitedly, Remi shared with how her first move paid off for her.She met her husband at the Murtala Muhammed Airport,Ikeja. She was on her way to the states few years back, while the guy was travelling to the United Kingdom.The were checking in into the same flight. "I noticed that mu cousin was smiling that him.They bonded.Later, my brother (who was also there ) exchanged pleasantries with happend that they had known each other for sometime. As we were moving into the plane, my brother whispered that he is the kind of guy that I would love to marry"She narrated.
When we got into the flight, he dozed off and i was just praying that he should wake up for us to gist.Somehow he woke up and i drew him to the seat beside me.My cousin and brother excused us and that was how I struck a conversation with him.I had two days stop over in UK. That how we started before we eventually got married" She added. She didn't deny she made the first move unlike most ladies.
Remi told that she is now interested in doing stuffs for Nigerian celebrities.I have seen alot of photographs and video clips, I know they need a verstile shooper to give them the best of what they deserved when it comes to attending functions or shooting their video.What they need is just to consult with me and I will get the best delivered to them.She disclosed that she is already in touch with some Nigerian celebrities and soon they hope to start something together.
The face of Nigerian red carpets and all that must change.Fashion police is even tired of arresting people here and there.The 'cell' is congested.She told me that some artistes should try and do more when it come to dancers in their video.It look as if the girls are told to wear whatever they like for video shoot.They also bring their make up.
At the end, it turns out bad.She said people should take cue from stars in other part of the world.I noticed that too.Try and watch some of them, you will see girls borrowing themselves clothes to appear in different sences.

Photo 1-Remi Fagbohun
Photo 2-Bolu Sokunbi and Remi Fagbohun.


  1. LOL im blushing,i should have powdered my face sha.But thanks!

  2. Bolu is my babyyyyyyyyy

    Nice write up Niyi.

    Lmao@the couch comment.

  3. lol @ d fashion police is tired of arresting folks in naija.
    preach it sister!

    i know Remi sha from blogville and i wish her all the very best.
    wonder if her blog is still up.

  4. niyi baba wats good?
    i check into ur blog like everyday. u need 2 start paying me o! lol

  5. Remi Fagbohun, i like her. She has massive and loads of confidence. Kudos to her. I first heard & read about her and her works @ Bobby Taylor's blogspot. Good job - Niyi.

  6. It was a pleasure meeting you Niyi...
    Pictures didn't turn out half bad considering I was traveling in a few hours and short of time!!

    Thanks for coming over.

  7. Remi, you are doing a great job for nigeria fashion industry and i know u are going to fill in this gap well as you have done for people in UK and USA .I wish you the best ,i am proud of you sister,love u.Bisi UK


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