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Photo by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Yeah!this blog is for celebrities...this guy turned to a celebrity the other day as people gathered to watch him.I took the photo at a party I attended in Lagos,Nigeria.Talking drummers even sorrounded him,yet, he did not wake up until almost all the guests had left the party.
He deserves a medal.Please, if there is anything like sleeping competition at the Olympics,he would win everybody hands down.
Is he tired of the Nigeria or is it lack of patronage?
Well, Our man could be a security man at night and hawker in the morning.Someone should wake this guy up!


  1. let the man sleep jare, he's probably been roaming around in the Lagos sun for hours. I always wonder how they manage to do that but pple have to do whatever they can to eat.

  2. poor guy!
    i feel sorry for him.....only God knows what he is going through....o ga ooooooooooo

  3. Lmao,maybe he didnt sleep all night.

  4. eeeyah poor guy.....maybe he worked a night shift d day before

  5. Na sleeping sickness. Edi.

  6. You all got this wrong. Mama and papa Boniface wey they stay for 'face me i face you' near ilasa begin fight again the other day O, all night so tey poor Boni no fit sleep. How man for do now? Sleep hook Boni when im no expect, infact, person for blame that yeye breeze wey come dey whistle when Boni eyes already no fit remain open.


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