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Story & Photos by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Dear readers, i promised to bring you photos of celebrities at the Aka Ikenga even in Lagos last Wednesday.

Photo 1-Shows Nollywood Star actress,Eucharia Anuobi in one cornier of the NIIA Hall.She joined others in standing when she could not get a seat for the better part of the lecture.No star treatment! Sorry girl, try and come early next time!

"I did it!" Nollywood star actor,Kanayo O.Kanayo seems to be telling gistmaster as he shows off his pregnant wife at the Aka Ikenga dinner which took place on Wednesday night.The event started around 8 P.m and did not end until around 11 p.m

Photo 3- Our friend, Uche Iwuji showing off her new look at the lecture organised by Aka Ikenga, a popular group in Igboland,Nigeria.

Photo 4- some group of area boys and Commercial motorcyclist popularly known as Okada riders came chanting various solidarity songs in praise of the mentor Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy at the lecture by Aka Ikenga group in the afternoon.

Photo 5 -Nollywood star actress Stephanie Okereke and Kanayo O. Kanayo shortly after the lecture in the afternoon. KOK is a prominenet member of Aka Ikenga.


  1. uche looks decent with that cut. she is bold sha. shes a pretty chick nonetheless and she looks like she dropping some of those extra pounds 2. good look!

    love eucharia....with the excess make up and bad weave and all. still loves her.

    what did KOK do abeg?? i feel like i missed d point on that one. was he having difficulty getting his woman preggers or sumtn or am i readin meaning into nothing???

  2. oh and i saw pics of onyeka on ur previous post. wow! long time. used 2 love that lady.

    who is this ikenga man and wat is he all abt??

  3. stephanie looks hawt!
    Never heard of this "Aka Ikenga" organization but it looks like they're pulling major weight.

    Uche Iwuji seriously needs to chill, o gini?! Y must she show face in everrrrrrry freakn get together in a bid to desperately try to prove a foolish point. hissss.


  4. lol...uche looks great with her native ankara at last. Lovely glasses. At least, she's heeding to her fans' advices. Abeg, leave uche alone o, at least she's giving u something to yarn about.

    Love Eucharia's look too, even though we can't see her eyes, her make-up looks decent.

    BTW, Niyi...did i just see u on Hiptv just now? Unless, it was your lookalike.

  5. thank God for uche's out fit... much more better than all the others i've seen her wear


  6. Ehen, this looks much better Uche. The only thing you need to do is pull them glasses down, you are not supposed to shove them up your forehead. But 9/10. See constructive criticism helps. You must send blogsville a thank you card.

  7. Senior anayo,you are one of the best in Nigeria actor i have ever seen,what do admire most about you is your great command and use of the English have also influenced me in my day-to-day usage of the English grammar< lot of respect> from chiaka,,London...


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