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I brought you lots of gist and photos from the Nigerian Music Award that took place in Owerri,Imo State,Last weekend.
Trust, I will start firing them soon.
Photos here show celebrities aboard the Soul Flight 1 to Owerri.
Photo 1-Kenny (Keke) Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye (D-ONE) of Primetime Entertainment greeting Chief Oliver De Coque
Photo 2- Nollywood actress,Ini Edo alighting from the aeroplane at Sam Mbakwe Airport,Owerri on Friday 23 May 2008.
The 'Virgins' (hmmm...!) that came to welcome us at the Airport.

Photo 4-Stella Damasus, Stephanie Okereke and a friend aboard the flight.


  1. what do u mean by d "virgins" Niyi??
    was that how the girls addressed themselves?
    wow! that sounded as if they are 4 sale or sumtn.

  2. hmmn, see that woman picking her nose behind them stella...
    na wa o

  3. Stella Damasus looks exactly like my sister. Serious. I am having serious goose pimples!!! It's good though.

  4. Kenny and D1 always look like Hot Ass Mess, let alone Kenny. He is the real hot mess. the ridiculous crap they wear in order to appear relevant to the Nigerian youths is just discerning.

  5. @ Anonymous 3:19AM, a beg try confirm with the old boy if him no do away match 4 biz trip some decades back.

  6. @watchman, you are too hilarious!!! E fit be true. Cough, cough. Eeh, u know dat kind tin, now. Well e good sha, as Stella be celebrity.


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