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Story & Photo by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter
Nollywood actress, Benita Nzeribe told yesterday that she would rather wait for her time than jump into marriage just because her mates are getting married. According to Ihiala, Anambra State born actress, “marriage is not a do- or -die thing so people should stop bothering me about when I would get married or not. Besides, I am still a young lady”
Asked whether or not she has a serious relationship at the moment, she laughed and later told me “Oh! I am keeping that to my self! In fact, no comment”
Benita told that she came to Lagos yesterday (1 May 2008) from a movie location in Port Harcourt, River State. She has also done other yet to be released movies. She said her numerous fans from far and near should expect something new and extraordinary from her very soon.
Unlike most of her mates in Nollywood who would want to be actress, director and producer, all at the same time, Benita says she is not thinking of embarking on her own personal movie not even in the nearest future. Stating that she would rather be a very good actress than mess herself up by turning into an ‘emergency’ producer. “All of us cannot be actresses and producers at the same time” she said
When asked about her reaction when she hears or reads negative things about her, she said “I see ‘positivity’ in every ‘negativity’. I don’t get bothered because in every area of my life, I see things from the positive angle”.
On Nollywood, she told that things are indeed getting better for the industry. “The only thing the industry needs is a push here and there and before we know it,we would get there. Hollywood was not made in a day”
A graduate of English from the Abia State University,Awka, Benita has spent about ten years in Nollywood.She has acted in movies such as Notorious Virgin, Games Men Play, Cross My Heart, Buried Emotions and several others.


  1. Yes o. Benny, you go girl! I like her acting skills.

  2. Smart answers for a Nollywood actor. My problem is that most of the actors are not dedicated enough to even want to make it work. Genevieve is now a singer or is it tailor, Omotola is singing, Chika is now cooking.The major thing is that these things require special attention in Nigeria unlike the US where you can hire experts.

  3. Benita Nzeribe reminds me of Uju Ejoh.

  4. im sorry but, benita always looks a hotmess

  5. i totally disagree, in the us nobody depends on the movie business anymore all of the hollywood celebrities are creating fashion lines, and perfumes, and even modeling self
    shhhhhhh, they too must provide for their families, if nollywood is not giving them enough cash, i say move on to something that will bring that money mehn

  6. Benita's lovely friendMay 14, 2008 at 1:27 AM

    Benita Nzeribe's characters: Artillery.

  7. True word sha but e still good make you marry oh! No deceive yourself oh! Ever heard of the term "biological clock"? Hin dey tick dey go oh! Doo my sister. Ehee! the bleaching might also be scaring the eligible guys away
    oh! Abeg look into the matter.


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