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By Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Today, our star actress on the hot seat is no other person than delectable actress,Rita Dominic.Read and get inspired by the success story of Rita Dominic in Nollywood and beyond.Here is what Rita told about herself and her character in the world of make believe business.
Read through and you will see how Rita analysed the Rita in real life and Rita in movies

"I was Born July 12, 1975 Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha, known to her adoring fans as Rita Dominic, always knew she’d be in the limelight. As a child i was a slave to music, entering and winning in several dance competitions and expressing my self vocally through means of traditional music. As am matured, I developed a deeper sense of appreciation for the arts and to fulfill my curiosity began studying at the University of Port-Harcourt.
I finally discovered an art with a hybrid of all my talents in acting and began my promising career in television programs such as Children’s Variety and Junior Opinion. As time passed and i repertoire grew, i began receiving various offers and commanding attention from well known Nigerian directors.
Debuting in my first movie “A time to Kill” in 1998, i exceeded the expectations of my co-workers and fans began to take notice of this alluring actress. Since then i become a household name in Nigeria and is one of the most well sought actresses in the Nigerian Industry to date. My favorite thing about Rita is how i commands every role she plays.
Sometimes one is able to detect insincerity in a movie, in actors and actresses. Every time Rita appears on the screen, she completely captivates my attention and makes me believe that she truly experienced what her character is currently portraying.
Another aspect about Rita that is so refreshing is her ability to be diverse, many actresses sometimes get stereotyped in a specific role, so much so that they are unable to accurately depict a totally different role in other movies; Rita is not like this, i have played everything from the innocent victim, to the seductress, to the evil wife and so on, and in each role she is able to draw the audience in so much that they in turn truly believe that she is whatever she is portraying, so much so that the audience can not imagine her playing any other role"
If you have never watched a movie starring Ms. Dominic, I would suggest ‘Paint my Love’ and ‘Controversy’ for starters. Although with having starred and featured in over fifty movies, there are many choices to pick from.


  1. Yes o. That's what am talking about. Rita is my girl.

  2. Rita Dominic looks good but Niyi please tell her to stop hanging out with that gold digger Lanre Nzeribe boy

  3. Chibekee Said:

    What!!!! Rita my girl, u hanging out with that son of a b***h Lanre ass wipe Nzeribe ?

    Oh my God! Now I'm crying seriously oh Lawd.

    Niyi, can I ask was this an interview or your two penny thoughts on Rita? and I thought you had hired someone to edit your works. Dont worry I still like you sha.

  4. Rita is one of my favourite actress. Keep it up girl

  5. Nonsense, are all these to make her look good and responsible when really she is d gold digger and a sleep around. Smoking like a chimney with a prostitue like behaviour anytime she is seen anywhere. Is that also part of acting? I use to like her acting but i cant be fooled anymore.

    Niyi, if i dont see my comment means u dont like the truth.

  6. @Anon June 2, 2008 6:32 PM, pls more juicy details if it's actually true.

  7. Hiyaa Nwaturuocha! Spotlight just dey make una craze! Ewoo! You too are losing it! You have a lot of role models to emulate. Joke Silva is one. Please stop sleeping around and settle down. You are just warming Lanre's bed for now! He will not marry you. Aku fechaa, odalu awo! ANU OFIA!

  8. i just wish women could see through these men. stop playing games with them and just be true to yourself and no one else. don't be fooled. unless u see that the man is genuine don't fall for his ass because he will not change. be true to yourself. u don't need anyone if he loves you then by all means be happy but don't let them fool you. u need to hold your head high and don't make it a habit to spoil them. u r a good actress just keep your head up

  9. pls you guys should leave this gal alone, if you think its easy to be a celebrity then you guys shuld go ahead and be one and stop criticising. from millicleo

  10. bad belle people,leave the babe her life.some of you or your sisters are worst than her.olefofo,bad belle.Rita keep it up.You are old enough to know what's good for you.The sky is your stepping stone.

  11. i dont care whether RITA DOMINIC is a gold digger , sleeps around or smokes. I dnt giv a F**CK. One thing i know i luv her n shez a gud actress. We luv her in SOUTH AFRICA. Her personal life is non of our business. U gud 4 nothing fools leav her alone n appreciate her gud acting skills, das all u must comment abt.


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