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By Niyi Tabiti

Chief Reporter

We have posted photos of many Nollywood stars at various events on If you are one of those who has been following Nollywood and this blog for sometime, I bet you can tell who is really the hottest among our actresses when it comes to the clothes they wear and how they turned out at major events in town.

When it comes to choosing between Omotola Jolade Ekehinde,Genevieve Nnaji,Ini Edo,Rita Dominic,Stephanie Okereke and Rita Dominic, who will you regard as the best dressed Nigerian actress?

Photo 1-Genevieve Nnaji

Photo 2-Ini Edo

Photo 3-Rita Dominic


  1. Stephanie, Gen, Omotola (even though stime her dressing worry) Rita and Ini in that order

  2. WTH? i couldn't even recognize genevieve! Is she bleaching or wot?

    Rita D. however, looks fantastic!

  3. Please take that mgbeke Iniobong of the list, the girl cannot dress, she always looks inappropriately dressed at whatever event she's at.

  4. Rita is looking HAWTTT

  5. Rita Dominic by far is the best dressed actress among the actresses you listed.

  6. Genevieve Nnaji all the way. she is very classic

  7. Ini Edo is the worst, I love Genevieve styles, more presentable

  8. Mia said...
    Rita, Omotola, Genevieve and Stephanie all look good for the most part. They all have their moments, but at the least they always look CLEAN, APPRORIATE, and PRESENTABLE. Lets not forget that all four are in good shape(though in different sizes).

    Omotola, after four kids looks AMAZING! Stephanie always knows what looks good on her. Genevieve keeps it together and could loosen up sometimes but she is definitely a beatiful girl. And my favorite Rita ALWAYS keeps it NEAT and SIMPLE! From her hair to her makeup, she shows up to every event looking CLASSY!

    Now our dear Ini Edo belongs on the TRASHY LIST which I hope is coming up soon Niyi. To start with, she needs a class on personal hygiene. She is the only female I know in 2008 that walks around with hair on her chest and under arm. She also needs a MIRROR!!! EVERYTHING about her is just TOO MUCH. From her hair to her makeup. She eats too much and she talks too much.

    And such skinpy cloths when you are that heavy is a NO NO. There is a reason why is size 6 on it not size 16. There is a fine line between SEXY and SLUTY. And as a woman, I refuse to believe that the only way a man would fine pretty is if I have every inch of my skin popping out. btw I am not talking about this picture of her in particular, all the others.

    Peace Niyi.

  9. am going with omotola jalade beautiful woman she has like what five kids and is able to too look hot all these years , oh yeah ini edo is pretty .

  10. def miss G...although I like ritas outfit in this post

  11. bimbo akintola is hot and sexy, include to justify measurement!

  12. Genevieve Hands Down! She has really come a long way. I like the fact that she's constantly taking the initiative to re-invent herself. Rita Dominic comes second on this list. I love her .... She wears unique pieces. As of late she's been very creative with ankara. Ini Edo's doesn't make the list for me at all. She doesn't know how to dress and her make up doesn't look good. She seriously needs a fashion consultant.

  13. Stephanie gets my vote:D

  14. niyi,
    keep the good work up!

  15. Men, i gotta go with Rita Dominic!! She's just flawless! Her skin, her outfit, her hair. Everything!(No homo)

  16. Ini Edo always has a cheap look. I think Genevieve and Rita do more interesting things with fashion.

  17. Genny is number one in my book

  18. I sure ain't Ini Edo. She's good looking but she always looks untidy.
    Rita is smoking hot!!!!
    Genevieve? She has her moments.

  19. Number one is Rita Dominic.
    Number two is Stephanie Okereke.
    Number three is Genevieve Nnaji.
    Number four is Omotola.
    Number five is ini Edo.

  20. Is that Genevieve?! What is going on with her lately? Niyi? Anyone? How old is she? I keep hearing twenty something but her recent pictures are saying forty something.
    Anyway my list:
    Rita- Elegant, Classy, Neat, etc
    Omotola- Smoking after four kids.
    Stephanie- Beautiful
    Genevieve- Beatiful as well.
    I think it is an insult to put Dirty - Dirty... Ini on the same list with these ladies. Don't even get me started with her.

  21. i might just go with rita dominic...although i think she sometimes overdoes it with dose ankara shorts..(if i c dose things on her one more time...ehn)

    dat aside. rita is simply fab...she looks classy most of d time...

    genevieve would be next on my list...always well put together....downside's dat she always plays it safe so sumtimes looks kinda boring'.

    steph...yeah..but why dont i like her? maybe its d fake accent or sumtin'..cant really put my finger on it...

    omot tries ...maybe too hard..i think she's still got a bit of d razz flavour sha....

    ini who? dont even get me started!

  22. ini na omo barracks now! so what do you expect from her dressing

  23. (1) Rita Dominic all the way.
    (2) Stephanie Okereke
    (3) Omotola
    (4) Genevieve Nnaji

  24. LOL@ Kpakpando

    I concur. How does Iniobong keep getting on these lists of 'Nollywood's finest'? I can think of at least half a dozen other actresses that beat her hands down.

  25. Is that geneveive in that pic 4real, anyway Rita, Omotola and Stephanine, in that order. Genevieve only looks good in movies. Ini would be #1 on the trashies in nollywood.

  26. Men I love your blog the best that I am yet to see. Especially the Nollywood stars and the who is who in Nigeria.

    I am surprised you have not considered talking about Nigerian weddings abroad here are my top ten.

    Keep up the good job.

  27. why now?whyyy?why put ini in the same list with RITA,GENE anyway my best are,RITA,GENE,STELLA DAMASUS.ini is always very dirty looking n trashy.

  28. Ini is in the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ list!Where does she get her clothes from? Even charity shops in the UK sell better clothes.She needs a personal shopper and a dresser/ fashion adviser or whatever.

  29. ha ha ha ...see gennys FAKE HERMES BELT.



  30. omo, Rita Dominic dey baff up oooo but Omosexy and Bimbo Akintola is the best....i love Genevieve and Stephanie Okereke style cos they are so classy...Toni Payne and Ini Edo is the worst...they should learn how to apply their makeups and dressing....too much makeup....i love Stella Damasus Aboderin's style too

  31. Genny- simple always but these days trying so hard to be like posh and that is no good.

    Rita- clothes sits well on her and she looks flawless (cos she is light)

    Stella- Pretty thang. Doesn't try to impress but it just happens.

    Motola- Okay but needs to get the right size to cover up her flesh. Especially her tummy and behind. Helen Ajayi still looks good after kids and almost 50yrs.

    Ini- she is off the list, too cheap. Me think she gets her outfit from Tej but since Tej is burnt and probably
    some place like Finsbury park in London

  32. I would definately say that the best dressed nollywood actress is RITA DOMINIC.

  33. hottest in Nollywood or in English Genere of Nollywood? I am surprised you didn't include those yoruba actresses. anyhooo. Rita Dominicis hot i tell ya. she has nice complexion and she seems nicer. Ini Edo...thank God for those movie directors giving her roles here and there. the girl no better pass them ajegunle street walkers. always dressing like a slut. is it by force? just because you fit into doesn't mean it's your size and doesnt mean you should wear it.

    about Genny's age...lmao. yeah the girl has always been 25yrs old since she started acting. her age no dey change. i don't understand why they can't say their age. useless people. Here in the US we know all the actors and actresses' ages. it's public information. only in a nigerian press interveiw will you ask a celeb her age and she will roll eyes and say somthing dumb like "i will let you guess my age" insecure pple dede

  34. wait oh emmm gen is rockin a hermes belt oh girl get style o lol

  35. definnitely, ti's genevieve. she's classy and seems to wear the right outfits for each occassion. Omotola would be second on my list followed by Stella Damsus, Kate Henshaw is also a good dresser -very simple and always looks gorgeous. Rita -yeah tries if she can do without the big hairdo and she should stop somking, it's reflecting on her face especially her eyes.Ini-did u say Ini? skimpy all the way...not impressed with her style. she should hire a stylist.

    1 Rita Dominic
    2 Omotola J.E.
    3 Stephanie Okereke
    4 Stella Damasus
    5 Genevieve Nnaji( I agree, only in movies)

    1 Ini Edo
    2 Ini Edo
    3 Empress N.
    4 Uche Iwuji
    5 Ini Edo

  37. 36 comments and not one person has mentioned that fine omoge in the green top and jeans behind Genevieve.

    Gistmaster, abeg let us know her particulars my broda.

  38. geneviev has got the class and dont hang out with just any one

  39. Worst Dressed Actres? Ini Edo all way. Gosh Niyi, you dont need to be a genius to figure it out.

  40. where are all those pretty yoruba actresses ehn? anyways
    Best Dressed
    2.Rita Dominics
    3.Bisi Ibidapo Obe
    4.Stella Damasus
    4.Iyabo Ojo
    5.Bimbo Oshin
    5.Fathia Balogun
    To be continued..........

  41. genevieve is not the best dressed abeg. she cannot dress. did anyone see wat she wore 2 her fashion label opening. even look at d trousers she is wearing.

    my no 1 is RITA DOMINIC. that babe is classy and its not cos she is fair but cos she can dress. ini should stop being a size 16 wearing a 6 lol.

  42. Gene is the best dressed, talk abt trendy, simple and classy - she is ahead of the crop....She's a natural! she knows what fits, she's not insecure - she wears any colour...she's all that! Go grrl

  43. for me it is a toss up between Rita and Omotola, but I'll go for RITA!!!

  44. Chioma said...
    Another promise of "goodies", we are still waiting for Toni Payne goodies(remember that Niyi? lol)
    Anyway my vote.
    Rita Dominic is definitely at the top. Omotola and Stephanie are both my second, Stella Damasus and Kate Henshaw in that order.
    Genevieve is a good actress, good looking and clean, but she does NOT dress well at all.
    Nothing on Ini Edo cos everyone else has said it all.

  45. Did anyone said sumtin about TONI PAYNE...4get da thing the gul too dey apply too much makeups and her wig dey funny sumtimes call ABOLORE AKANDE's fiance( 9ICE'S FIANCE) she is 9ice person though

  46. RITAAAAAAAAAAAAAA all the way men. you could accuse her of anything, but in my book she could never be guilty of not dressing right and reping not just herself but Naija chicks well...shes my girl any day

  47. Fake Hermes belt or not, Ms. Genevieve it is all the way cos she keeps it simple, elegant and classy. And this includes her make up. Less is MORE!
    Thank you Gene for proving that to be sexy does not mean one has to be trashy and half naked, or look like a clown!

  48. OMG!! I don't know why everyone kepps saying Stephanie okereke with her jeans that never touches the ground (Michael Jackson!!) and Rita Dominic dresses real good but she needs to quit putting so much lip gloss or lipstick on her lips cos they are already big and conspicuous. Am gonna say Rita, Omotola and Gen.

  49. i vote for stella aboderin

  50. i vote for Rita Dominic

  51. Its Genevieve off course,all clothes fit her,she is posh,polished,both Rita and Omotola has this okoroish looks that refects in their dressing,one needs to be descent in dressing to be a power dresser.Genevieve has the qualities.Just check her out in jeans ,does she look like a nollywood or hollywood actress???,i leave that question to u to answer

  52. I vote Dakore Ebguson!! She is always on point!

  53. 4 me ini edo iz not dat bad niger people den go alwaz talk about people ini edo u too much leave peope mak dem dey talk yawa no b dem dey feed u so na dem sadi

  54. Rita is number one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Genevieve Nnaji all the way

  56. rita dominic & genevieve

  57. rita dominic & genevieve

  58. Rita and Omotola are the best. Genevieve does NOT dress well at all and that picture of her above is just wrong.

  59. ok, some pple keep talking about "so and so is so beautiful, so she gets my vote..", that isnt the point here...this is no beauty contest..we r talkn about style here!

    Ini Edo is obviously beautiful but her clothes (size/fit, style, and sometimes color(which do not compliment her complexion)) tend to play down what she stands to offer.
    Rita Dominic isn't that pretty in my opinion...i remember her from her older movies when she used to have her mgbeke moments and she truly wasn't outstanding atall...but her new and improved self certainly boosted things for her!

    So pls...lets stick with the most stylish, not beautiful...

    Genevieve however seems like she dresses fly only onscreen...y?

    If we go by movies, i'm definitely voting: Rita D....but a couple of times ave seen her pix from events(offscreen), she def. wasnt reppn, with those annoyn head-wrapps she always wears. Her look in this pic however is def. FAB!
    Offscreen, the best dressed ave seen is probably "Stephanie Okereke"..

  60. What about DAKORE EGBUSON? She should be high up on the list.

  61. Rita absolutely knows what suits her and she is adventurous and creative with what she wears. She always looks hot.
    Gene has money but no individual style, sometimes she looks old and boring.
    Omo T is a hot second though i cant for the love of me stand those horrid blond wigs.
    ini puts on too much makeup and her hair is always overdone and fake looking.

  62. Genevieve is my choice, Ini Edo needs to go and learn how to be decent in her dressing, to think that a man actually wants her as a wife baffles me.........

  63. Niyi how come they get to win all those things? They'r rich, they don't need them lol. Am excited for them though.
    Here is my 2cents.
    Like someone already said, this is not a popularity contest. Right Niyi? So when is comes to dressing, Rita gets it right for the most part on and off screen. She knows what suits her, her signature hair is always fresh and tidy. She takes risks, and is always interesting. Omotola is another one who gets it right all the time. Stepanie is really good with gowns but her pants are always too short for her. Because of her height, she needs to shop in "tall women" for trousers. Dakora should definitly be on this list. She is gorgeous, she's fit, and very trendy. Kate also should be on the list. Genevieve on the other hand would be #1 or 2 on best actress, but not on this list.
    Anon 12:22am, I too can't believe someone is going to marry Ini Edo.
    So here is my list

    Niyi pls make all our votes count!

  64. Truth be told, i cannot get past counting on one hand the ladies in Nollywood that should go for best dressed. But am gonna be nice and TRY to raise the number to more than 5.
    Hey ladies we talking best dressed here and good looking or beautiful and blah blah blah, lets not stray ok?
    Here is my review.

    1) I honestly think Rita is the best dressed. She always turns up simple and elegant. Even in her movies, i have never caught her looking off or dressed awfully. Her jewellery is always on point with what she wears and the functions. It takes a fashion conscious person to know the sort of fashion that suits the function. She pays attention to her skin color-cloth selection (part of the reason she does not look like a disco light or appear dirty unlike some people we know in Nollywood). Though I must admit Rita takes some risk that turn out flawless. She probably has the same fleshy body like ini but she how well she hides yet flaunt her body without looking like a TRAMP! She definitely does it for me so here goes -89%. Well her low point is her signature headties……first they well kool now they are so old….so predictable.

    2) Stella just like Rita cannot be caught dressing awful. She keeps her game tight. She just does it without effort which is probably the difference. On set and off set she dresses amazingly well. She gets 85% for being her…..a natural fashionista!

    3) People have ignored Dakore……why? She dresses well. Never overdoes it or makes an effort about her dressings. Though wearing on type of hair (dreads) could blind some people’s fashion 3rd eye I can look beyond it. I know when people tend to wear the same hair it makes people overlook details. Dakore in her movies looks just great and looks even better away from the set. She is HAWT! She surprises with her dressing because to those who overlook the details, they think Dakore and their minds think “pair of pants and top with amazing healthy dreads” but HELL NAW!!! She is not afraid to surprise us with her –BE SPOKE style. She gets 82%

    4) Stephnie Okereke should be the second. Some people might not agree with me but she definitely deserves it.
    In her movies in the past i was always pissed off with her "jumpe jumpe" trouser/pants. She never wore her size of pants it was usually short. Other than that she was kool. She has even further stepped up on her dressing since she got back from the states. Now she's on point. Steph gets a 74 outta 100!

    5) OMOTOLA: you could yell out WHAT!!!! But really ammma straighten this out. She dresses well no doubt but damn! Ya’ll get too caught up with her beautiful face and too hot body for a mum of (help me out here 4 or 5five kids)! Well i don't drool over that well cuz i ain't gay so i always review her dressings. I noticed she sometimes leaves some things hanging out….some flesh and all which in the fashion books ain’t always kool. Would rate her average, say 68%. Staying away from the blondys could help shoot up your score by the way.

    6) Kate is a pretty dresser and she takes risks. She could flip her dressing from retro to whatever you can think of and still pull it off by looking stunning. She knows just how to use her slim figure with the sort of clothes that compliments her figure, color and might I add knot knees. She bags in 67% for her fashion.

    7) I have to go with gene on this one despite my brain telling me her dressings are so so boring. Though i feel the only reason she takes this spot is because she started doing the "copy-cat" thingy wif Nike Oshinowo. She was a bag of trash before the rumoured..............Atiku-Nike stuff. Tell me you don’t see Nike Oshinowo in gene and you would be the greatest liar that ever lived or the blindest. She stepped up no i take that back she flew up (bad English....i know) her game by having Nike as a fashion mentor. i can authoritatively say she was so wack and RAZZZ with her dressings. She was so used to wearing common clothes that either looked too cheap or were cheap for her status.
    Now i can safely say she is a step away from a trashy dresser.....well safe for the bleached skin. Would give her 51%. Now her best effort still leaves her looking old, why?

  65. Honestly without sentiment,stella is my best nolly wood actress, but the best dressed actress is Rita she stand ouy any time and one of the reasons why i like her i s that she knows what fits her.secondly she has a good dress sense.

  66. rita is the best dressed of all

  67. Rita takes my vote. genevieve is not bad either but she is looking really old these days.what is going on?

  68. rita all the way plus she has manners too

  69. As for me, Rita seizes to be my best dresser for the year.Added to this, is her approach.I wish Genevivev will emulate her.

  70. Well Niyi, i kinda like Genevieve and Rita style than the rest. yeah Omosexy is cool becos she is look her best after 4, but remember she started having kids earlier unlike the girls Gen and Rita, they are cool anytime. worst best dress is Okerere Steph, she amase me all the time.
    I hope you are doing ok, Thanks for your good work.

  71. I still feel is Rita Dominic because you can never catch at any point looking looking cheap in any outfit,she is always simple and classic.

  72. I vote Genevieve Nnaji, reached my conclusion not from the picture above. I have seen her in better.


  73. Dakore always looks elegant... She gets my vote and knows how to rock her dreads!

  74. Its got to be Dakore Egbuson for me cos she is in a classy class of her own. You can't beat those locks neither can she be copied.

    But if i must pick from any of the 3 you listed i would pick Rita cos she always looks well put together

  75. It is worrisome not mentioning yoruba actresses.Nollywood i believe comprises of the English and yoruba even Hausa home vids.
    Anyway sha...make una all remove the plaster wey una put for eyes...Bisi Ibidapo-obe stands out when it comes to beauty and even outstanding fashion wise...forget about if she's well spoken or not...just try and get closer!




  78. is dat supposed to be a question i mean omotola jalade is da bom 4 real this chiq has it all dis is a born talent

  79. genny look so ugly that u can hardly regconize her, ini is more better of.

  80. RITA DOMINIC! She is the best! Hair, makeup, style and her shoes are to die for! Absolutely love her STYLE. She is always on point and never caught looking anything less than "drop dead gorgeous" and every inch the Star that she is!

  81. Genny all the way! She NEAT and Simple. She's unique and classy in her own way. She's not a copy cat.

  82. ini is the best she got the looks,is it that people dont have eyes to see,ini is beautiful and can dress very well,ini i have always wish to see you in person please can you send me a mail on this address i love girl you are my number 1.

  83. Ini you rock gal,don't let any one try to bring you down by the so called cheap talk.Go ahead and do yo thing.We love u so much here in Uganda.Yo the best.


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