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Big girls, Do not leave home for the salon without your own Venus Salon Kit.
With Venus hair care , this has been made easy!!!!!.
PZ Cussons, a renowned FMCG known for quality are the manufacturers of Venus Hair care range. In the early 90’s , the company introduced the Venus Relaxer into the Nigerian market and since then , it has been a leading brand in the hair care category.
The discovery that African women are becoming more sophisticated, discerning and demanding necessitated the need to develop world class hair care products that will fulfill every woman’s dream of beautiful hair.
Thus, in 2007, Venus Hair care, a portfolio of highly stylish products was launched. All the products are of international formulation and have been specially designed to deliver all its claims.
The Venus Hair Care Range is being re-built deliberately along a lifestyle positioning ,offering today’s consumers, functional benefits of products that work as well as the required emotional benefits of having beautiful looking hair.
The company looks forward to a time when Nigerian women will take pride in their natural hair and take good care of it.
The four stage process to beautiful hair is:
Venus Hair care Products have been developed specially to be represented in all the four steps. The products come in 3 ranges. They include:
FORTIFY RANGE (TO STRENGHTEN HAIR) -All products in this range are in BLUE Packaging. They are specially designed to solve the problem of weak hair and breakage.
RADIANCE RANGE (TO MAKE THE HAIR SHINE) -All products in this range are in YELLOW Packaging. They are specially designed to solve the problem of weak hair.
SOLUTIONS RANGE (TO TREAT DANDRUFF AND ITCHY SCALP)-All products in this range are in GREEN Packaging. They are designed specially to control dandruff.

The Fortify Range is specially formulated with Keraflex.
Our unique KeraFlex complex contains:
Keravis - a vegetable protein derivative that has a triple action system which can penetrate deep into the hair structure and also forms a film on each hair shaft from root to tip.
What does the Keraflex Hair Strengthening Complex do?
VENUS Fortify KERAFLEX HAIR STRENGTHENING COMPLEX is a triple action system which:
Strengthens the hair
Improves hair flexibility
Increases Comb ability and Manageability
The Products under the Fortify range include:
Venus Regular Relaxer with updated packaging and formulation. Although not a new product, the Venus Regular Relaxer is re-launched with new packaging and Keraflex formulation. The New Venus Relaxer is mild and gentle on the scalp.
Venus Fortify No Lye Relaxer (KIT) has been formulated to straighten the hair perfectly; it contains Keraflex Complex to care for hair during the relaxing process. The Kit is made in USA.
Ø Venus Fortify Neutralizing Shampoo cares for hair after relaxing. The unique non stripping formulation with color indicator gently removes the relaxer cream and helps to restore the hair’s natural PH Balance and locks hair into its new straight shape
Ø Venus Fortify Treatment is an intensive conditioning treatment especially formulated for chemically processed and dry or damaged hair. The unique formulation’s deep conditioning action prevents split ends and breakage, whilst leaving hair feeling soft and smooth.
Ø Venus Fortify Leave in Conditioner has been especially formulated to maximise the benefits to your hair. The long lasting, deep conditioning action helps prevent splitting and breakage whilst nourishing and protecting your hair. It is quickly absorbed and leaves hair soft and silky.
Ø Venus Fortify Hair Food conditions all hair types and is ideal for chemically processed or damaged hair. Its nourishing formula helps condition the hair and scalp, prevents split ends and leaves your hair soft, smooth and easy to comb.

The Radiance Range is specially formulated with Proshine.
ProShine Shine Enhancing Complex contains a unique blend of:
Shine enhancing ingredient (Crodamol STS)
Silk protein
What does the Proshine Complex do?
The Crodamol STS shine enhancing ingredient boosts hair shine with its ability to refract light
Silk protein is a natural moisture binder and attracts water towards it giving moisture infusion for the hair.
The Products under the Radiance range include:
Venus Radiance Moisture Infusion Shampoo washes away those hair care worries, leaving you with beautiful hair and a shine like no other!
Venus Radiance Moisture Infusion Conditioner replenishes the goodness that daily life removes. Our rich caring formula leaves hair softer, smoother and more manageable than ever before.
Venus Radiance Moisture Infusion Treatment helps your hair recover from its trauma leaving your hair soft, manageable and shiny.
Venus Radiance Moisture Infusion Hair Lotion treats your hair leaving it moisturised, shinier, smoother & more manageable than you would ever believe. This is one luxury your hair just can’t live without!
Venus Radiance Sculpting Gel moulds, styles and twists the hair with confidence.
Venus Radiance Moisture Infusion Curl Enhancer Gel curls, styles and lubricates your hair to your hearts content. Adds definition and bounce to your hair and your life!
Venus Radiance Moisture Infusion Foam Wrap (Mousse) wraps your hair in luxury with its breakthrough formula which combines styling hold & conditioning goodness to give you that wow factor!

The Solutions Range is specially formulated with Dermacare.
Venus Solutions soothing products have been specially designed to treat hair and scalp problems, unlocking the secret to confidence and beauty.
Our unique DermaCare complex is internationally formulated with a unique blend of:
Zinc Complex and
Menthol Crystals
What do these ingredients do in the DermaCare complex?
The Zinc Complex is a powerful anti-dandruff agent that acts upon the microbes that cause dandruff
The Menthol Crystals provide a cool, refreshing blast with every wash and gives a relaxing menthol fragrance
The Products under the Solutions range include:
Venus Solutions Soothing Shampoo, with its initial menthol blast, provides a cool refreshing experience to leave your hair feeling soft, soothed and manageable
Venus Solutions Soothing Scalp Treatment provides an instant menthol blast whilst its unique blend of conditioning ingredients soothes and treats the hair and scalp.
Venus Solutions Hair Dress leaves your hair soft, glossy and easy to comb. The DermaCare complex provides the anti dandruff reassurance and confidence you need.
Every woman is encouraged to identify the problem she has with her hair and solve them with Venus hair care products. Women should also cultivate the habit of going to the salon with their individual salon kit to ensure the best for the hair.


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  8. need venus fortify hair food,treatment, and shampoo can i oder if in botswana


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