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By Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Former Presidential aspirant in Nigeria on the platform of FRESH political party and Pastor of Household of God Church in Lagos,Nigeria,Rev.Chris Okotie, celebrated his 50th birthday on Sunday 29 June 2008 at the Church Auditorium. Reverend Okotie who has made a oublic declaration of his undying love for a single mother of three was all smiles.He thanked God for thanking him this far in life.He also said that nothing can be compared to the new woman in his life.Okotie whose romance to Tina his ex-wife packed off some years back believe that he has seen the true bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. The new woman also has a grace of style like his ex-wife.
Comedian, Ayo Makun popularly known as Ay and ace Juju musician and now a man of GOD,Evagelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi entertained the people.

Photo 1-Okotie and the love of his life
Photo 2-Cutting of the cake
Photo 3- Ace musician,Evagelist Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi (Raising his hands) and others praising the Lord.


  1. By ' of his life', do you mean his wife?

  2. chai ..okotie's lady is so beautiful...i wonder what kind of attire she used in making the outfit....any one knows.....Nigerian ladies are very very fashionable

  3. has okotie married the woman formally, or she is stil his live-in-lover?...obviously, the 'pastor and the love-of-his-life' must hv been having sex outside marriage... good pix.

  4. has okotie married the woman formally, or she is stil his live-in-lover?...obviously, the 'pastor and the love-of-his-life' must hv been having sex outside marriage... good pix.

  5. ummm IS SHE INDIAN? read my blog then you will understand... but yea is she Indian ? or like HAUSA AND DONT LEAVE ME COMMENTS SAYING HER RACE DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE QUITE FRANKLY TO SOME IT DOES it might not be me

  6. @onyinye
    no...she's akwa ibom or calabar.. one of the 2..

    @sola folowosele
    pls stop already! they're married.

  7. teehigh
    niyi, that woman is okay for the pastor,when are they going to fomalise it

  8. Wendu
    Her outfit is made of raw silk material (by this i mean the yellow and wine material). The flower petals are most likely taken from two different materials i.e hand cut lace or another kind of material.

  9. oh no pastor chris is yet to fmormalise his union with this pretty guess is that they r already having sex as they live together!
    na wah oh,dont pastors practice what they preach anymore?

  10. Nigerians!!!!!!!!!! una dey under their bed abi? so becos the bobo introduce a woman they must be doing some dodgy business. becos una not fit keep una joy stick mean say everybody not fit keep their own. small minded people.

    niyi bobo u try for the pics jare.

    nigeria women fine ooo. na only some of their heart dirty.

  11. She is wearing something on her third finger, can't quite make out if there is a wedding band there, he is not wearing a ring so they just might be engaged. Is the divorce final from his first wife yet? I know they were seperated. She does look bi-racial, what's with Okotie and bi-racial(or bi-racial looking) women?
    Anyway she is pretty.If i squint really hard he looks like flava flav, lol.

  12. pls can someone tell me shes not wearing a $12,000 frank muller wrist watch an the pinkish ring is from chanel price not going to say but ridiculous for a finger ring....

  13. so that's where my offerings money went to and my tides and also other various donation and offer...yep am f*%"ed...

  14. Pastor Okotie deserves to be happy.

    After his formal separation from his first wife, and having waited for closed to decade, he deserves this beautiful damsel.
    Congratulations Pastor

  15. Sidney Dioru

    I need to let everyone know that, Pastor Chris Okotie is first and foremost, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and indeed takes instructions and leading from the one with whom he has given his life and heart to from the beginning. I need to let you know that, everyone of us who has been writing whatever unpleasant things about him regarding the woman he is in love with and has said he would marry were not there, when the Lord arrested him in the beginning, you were not there when the Lord called him and commissioned him to do what he is doing now and how the Lord is leading him. The one who called him is the one who talks to him, lead, directs him and show him what he must do.

    Do you remember Hosea in the scriptures, that God told to marry a prostitute and have children by her with God having in His heart to teach and to speak to the Isrealite what His counsela and purposes are for them when they left the way He planned for them?

    If he is getting married to her, how do you know that the Lord has not impressed impressed on him to do it? Do you think it was easy for Hosea to marry a prostitute, he must thought about people like many of you having to question every one of his move which you don't have a knowledge of that God was directing him to do. If Hosea had listened to what people would say, God would not have passed the massage He did in the scriptures that are recorded for now to see.

    Many say, that he is having sex with her, please don't say what angels would not and never say, what proof do you have to say that, and why do you accuse another man's servant?

    I believe in this man of God, I believe that whatever he says is true and from the heart of the Lord, for the self-same Spirit of the Lord bears witness with mine that he is God's servant and called to do what the Lord has asked him to do. When you walk with the Lord and know the plans and heart of the Lord, you would not need to have encountered me before you can know that i am from Him and will do what the Lord has sent me to do.

    When you look at Rev. Chris Okotie, and his past, you would find that he has a similarity with Paul in the Bible. There is something about him that makes him unique. Look at a man who was deeply involved in music and other unholy things before giving his life to Christ and you will see that it would have been impossible to doubt what the Lord has done in his life. How can you explain someone like him with so much money that he has made from the world and later turn a Pastor? why?

    Never talk about what you don't understand at all.

    Remember that you were the ones that said, that he was not married and is not eligible to be the President of Nigeria. There were so many up roars about him not being married. Now that he has found a wife, you the same people are crying out that he is getting married or having sex. what proof have you that he has had sex with her?

    Please leave them alone to fulfill the calling and purposes of God in their lives. My heart goes to him and bless this good thing. Yes it is a good thing to get married than to run after girts and have illicit sex with them when you have not paid the bride price and it is a curse. Do you think that you are more rightouse than he. Look at yourselves, you know that you are involved in all these illicit relationship and you think that when a good man declares his intention, he is like you. No I say no not so.

    Thank you for this, I do really love you all and am glad to share my heart with you.

  16. She doesn't look Nigerian as she appears to have South Asian (indian) features. But I guess that shows our diversity. Anyway I hope he is happy.

  17. Please what is her name? I think I know her. She graduated from University of Ibadan.

  18. @ Kush, she is from Calabar in Cross River State. She hasn't got any foreign blood. She is just blessed with good looks.

    @ Esther, her name is Adie Stephanie Henshaw. She is a widow and has three kids.


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