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So it must be true, self love is the most important thing one can give to one's self. Many books, comments and affirmations from people I have been in contact with lately reflect that. My definition of self love, loves yourself, with all of your short comings. The ability to be your own friend and be compassionately there for you every time, not some time, everytime.Even when you keep repeating an action you are ashamed of.

Many, many, people do not have a self-relationship; some people do not know who they really are. They have forever lived in a conditioned outcome to self existence that they own it as their life but yet it isn't their choice but what was given to them by society. I am not preaching vanity, far from it. What ever you have yearned to have people be to you, 1st learn to give it to yourself, and when you start living in that state of completeness, it attracts what you want to you.

It is my heart desire to see many more people enjoying their lifes; the world is a colorful place, start splashing. Do not waste away; letting depression eat you up, a past; taking over your life, life is full of short comings, but do not give up on living, please, please, I beg of you. There is so much inside of you; I want you to see it too. Email me for a one to one if you've been affected by today's talk- or
Chief Reporter's note:Abimbola Junaid is a human and business development coach. The CEO of Complete Well Being Solutions.


  1. thanks for the wonderful msg..gave mi inspiration

  2. gud talk...thnx,it came just right on tym.

  3. gud talk.came right on time...thnx.

  4. good inspirational talk you will go far.


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