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Story & photos by Niyi Tabiti

Chief Reporter

I have been living in Lagos, Nigeria since I was born so I know a little about the city. Day and night, I move to different parts of the mega city in the cause of my work. Yesterday, I was joking with a friend that Lagos is the capital of Africa. My friend said; it is the headquarters of madness in Africa.
To an extent, I couldn’t fault my friend’s claim because Lagos is indeed the 'city of anything can happen'. Right now, what we have is the Obama 'madness'. Recently,I was passing through Ojota when I saw some underage kids on the street hawking some edible items. They did it with great marketing skills. “Oga, yes…buy Obama Bread, Obama pure water…Oba chinchin, straight from America”
We all laughed it off inside the bus but the fact remains that it was a serious matter. Those guys had to use any means possible to sell those things because they feed themselves. Some of them even feed their parents from what they sell. We are talking about kids who age falls between 8 and 14.
No matter who you are or where you live in this world, ponder over the lives of millions of Nigerian kids who are daily being ‘conscripted’ into the fast moving 'begging' business. Think about what impact you can make to help keep these kids out of the street. The most annoying aspect is when you see the parents sit right there while their parents beg so that they can eat.
Those who manage to go to school end up spend more years because of teachers' strike.

Photo 1-Model for Niyi Tabiti

Photo 2-Candid shots of some street children around Police College,Ikeja-Lagos.


  1. Hi Niyi, thanx 4raising awareness about this. It's really a sad situation and we should individually do what we can.

  2. oga niyi. make we first look for how we go castrate those irresponsible people making baby first. not be easy job to take care of people wey you no born. where will it end. nigerians know how to make others pay for what they didnt have business craeting in the first place.

    one of my aunties have 8 kids even though she and her husband have no tangible means of living. we are all paying the school fees of those kids. i only joined after i made sure she will not produce another one

  3. Niyi,
    For a start, the kids parents should be blame for their begging. Why have children when they know they cannot care for their needs. The parents of the kids choose begging instead of hard work and I don’t think there is anything anyone can do to help them. They have to start by helping themselves first. The truth is that they are lazy and wicked.
    I’m from a very poor background, but my parents choose to work hard for us to have good education and sent me overseas with the little they had.
    Naija problem is multifaceted, I pray every day for God’s intervention in our nation.
    Niyi, many Nigerians overseas already have too many responsibilities. We send money almost every month to relatives in naija to take care of their needs
    As far as I know, some of us are paying school fees for our younger ones, uncles and aunties children and as well as paying for their shelter , clothing, and even sending money for them to start up a business (Which they sometimes don’t)
    A day of fasting and prayers should be declared in naija. Let everyone fast, pray and cry to God to deliver us from suffering, poverty and for God to forgive us of our numerous sins.
    Ooh well, thanks for blogging.

  4. to anonymous 1:52 am,

    Keep praying o until you open your eyes and see that the world has left you behind.

    For Naija, na only prayer we know. Corruption too much o! Na prayer we need. Children are being sexually abused o! We need fasting. Has prayer ever built a nation? Ask America how many all-night prayer and national fasting sessions it took them to get the sense to invest in public education and have running water. Because whatever we are doing, it appears we are not praying in the right way. Maybe sharing notes on national development through prayer with countries like Denmark and China and Singapore would help us.

  5. and yet we say awwww wat are goin to do about it. sometimes i feel helpless because i want to go back home n feed those kids. we have leaders chopin nigeria money like its ewedu n amala. may God still have mercy on all of us because even me in america is guilty of not doin anything.

  6. @Lost at the Other End of the World

    Why so much antagonism to prayer and fasting? Think you should give yourself a second check.

  7. Fasting and praying is for God to soften the solidify heart of our leaders who are egocentric, corrupt and careless about the living standard of Nigerians.
    Let’s pray for God to put love in their hearts. if there is love in their hearts, they will do the right thing.
    Please, let’s not forget that it takes only the fear of God for a man to do the right thing.
    Prayer changes things.
    I do not need a second check.


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