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The Post Master General of the Federation Mr Ibrahim Muri Baba will on the 26th of July lead a formidable team of strong men and women in the VIP category of the MTN sponsored Race Against Crime. This he said is his contribution to ensuring a crime free Nigeria for the safety of all.
The MTN people police Marathon which takes place in Abuja on Saturday the 26th of July 2006 is an Inspector General of police initiated effort to solicit goodwill for the Nigerian Police and create a sense of harmony between the force and the Nigerian people. Mr Ibrahim Muri Baba, who was speaking through the president of NIPOST SPORTS AND SOCIAL CLUB Mr. Joseph Ojo, opined that the charity offer by the winner of the VIP race Is a good initiative and that this would further sensitise the people to the needs in the society at large.
The Marathon race tagged “The Race Against Crime” which involves the Nigerian police and Civilians alike is aimed at changing the perception and attitude of the Nigerian people towards the police and encouraging a friendliness and a bonding between both groups.
NIPOST, the official courier for this event has contributed immensely to the smooth running of the marathon by partnering to ensure an even distribution of the forms throughout the federation making them available to the participants of the varied categories.
The MTN People Police Marathon, organisers say, is going to be an annual event and is aimed at creating a continued friendliness and harmonious bonding between the Nigerian police and the Nigerian Populace, so that crime can be reduced.
Photo: Inspector General of Police In Nigeria, Sir Mike Okiro unveiling the star prize of Kia Rio in Abuja on Tuesday.


  1. Good move by MTN & The Police..hope this will reduce the rate of "toll collection" by the men-in-black on our roads..and Niyi, may MTN consider GISTMASTER.COM when their next campain breaks..say Amen!

  2. unless this is contributing to a pay rise for the Nigerian police, i see absolutely no point in this excercise. Nigerian police would continue to rob and harass the Nigerian citizens untill there is an improvement in their work conditions. Bad pay = Bad atitude. Till then, all this is just another sponsorship rubbish to sell whatever MTN is selling. Most brands seem to know the way to the soul of the Nigerian consumer is to throw money at them because we are sooo money hungry. If not, I do not see why MTN is soo eager to throw money behind half brained Nigerian activities like this.

  3. africa entertainment and sportsJuly 24, 2008 at 8:36 PM

    very timely and welcome.

  4. I think programmes like this will help orientate the people to shun criminal activities.
    Big up for the organisers. And also for you, Niyi, for reporting.

    The truth of the matter is that if MTN wants to sponsor another marathon meant for only Nigeria runners to benefit, they should come out and give it a better name.

    Not with all these noise about promoting peace and friendship between the Nigerian people and the police.

    The wahalawith police force is not about marathon is about improve condition of service and living of the personnels, which am sure MTN can workout with the top shots in police to formulate a program that an average police person will benefit such loan scheme, organised training that will improve the IQ of an average police person on the road,create an avenue for them to have good uniforms and feed well... I mean their is a lot the corporate world in Nigeria can do for the police force,if they want to promote positive relationship between the police and the people.

    A beg marathon competition should be the last thing on the agenda.

    Let me ask MTN once again what plans have they put in place over the years to improve the Nigerian marathoners since they've been sponsoring marathon in Nigerian.

    The fact is that the sponsors of these marathons (GLO, DONALD DUKE's Proteas Hotel inclusive) just powered the competitions to promote and sell their products; bringing in foreigners (inorder to attract international attention)to go with all the prize.

    They should know that we are not fools and not happy nor impressed with their products selling gimmicks, the only thing all this companies sponsoring marathon (GLO,DONALD DUKE's Obudu mountain race inclusive) can do and get to the heart of Nigerians and Nigerian road runners is to give us Nigerian international road runners (marathoners and racewalkers that are Nigerians, well encouraged, trained and expose to the world standard)
    When the above is done, we can say that they are organising road running competition to entertain and empower Nigerians.

    This they can start by picking the best (first ten or twenty nigerians) from the next editions of racewalking and marathon competitions organised by AFN; camp them for further training.

    This training programme should be well monitored because the people as AFN are another set of people to watchout for.

    If this is done, AFN (another redundant atheletics body that is filled with self centered people) will have no option or excuse for not having somebody to represent Nigeria in international marathons Olympic inclusive).

    Lastly, lets stop organising marathon feast for the foreigners.


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