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CHANGE THE TEMPO-Whenever you step into that party and almost everyone around get envious of what you are wearing or they could not just take their eyes off because of your heavenly beauty or well endowned body...just lick it!
Trust me, their brain will log out immediately!
When next you step into that party, change the tempo and be a pacesetter!


  1. Interesting article. Several points about Naija parties.

    1. The focus is on what one is wearing and all the extras (e.g., hair, makeup, etc.). However, many Naija women look a hot mess when they are not encased in lace and gele. Why?
    2. There needs to be more emphasis on getting healthy bodies. Many Naija women are sorely overweight and flabby. Hiding flab in lace and gele is not cute.

  2. Niyi are you turning this into an advice column for mgbekes?

  3. @anonymous, i agree with u jare 100%, no mind them. And niyi wot is ds with lick it? Is this a porn site, nbanu, i doubt it, u might b sending wrong msg to pple with ur choice of word, anwyz, cld we hv more pics of ur wedding abeg, how many times we go ask u, oga? lol

  4. That certainly did not sound like you... are u blogging or is somebody blogging for you

  5. @kpakpando-This just part of the new package. Trust me!
    @last anon-No porn intended.If you read foreign gossip or lifestyle websites, you will agree with me that this blog have not pasted 0.1% of dirty photos or given out dirty stuff. That does not mean that i don't get accross such material but because of my kind of person, i don't believe in promoting such. I know that most people who read us are adults.
    Anon, I love you and that is why i took time to reply you. Thanks.
    I will be willing to be ur friend via facebook.

  6. You are hugging your woman in that pic. Pls show her face now that you are married.


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