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Its good to be here.

First, let me tell you that I am proud that Nigerians all over the world are passionate about their nation.
In those days T-shirt with the inscription- ‘I Love Chicago’ or ‘I am a Londoner’ was so much in vogue. We were not proud of our own thing. The reverse is now the case. Today, you see Nigerians abroad having something like ‘I be Ibo boy’, ‘Lagos for real’-boldly written on their shirts. Those in naija also have different collections.I believe America is great because Americans belief in it.The T-shirt stuff is just one of the over million ways that we can project naija to the rest of the world as a force to be reckoned with. Those T-shirts don't come cheap. A friend has a showroon somewhere on Sanusi Fafunwa Street,Victoria-Island, Lagos. She stocks high quality T-shirt with marvelous inscription.

That aside.Gistmaster would be going on a one week partial break starting from Monday 11 August 2008. Yours truly is engaged to married to someone this month.The wedding is has been scheduled to hold in Lagos, Nigeria. want to hear my love story? Well, we met one beautiful afternoon in Lagos about six years ago. She did the normal shakara most ladies do but I was steadfast (Thats my strongest point, I go for whatever I like no matter how much people try to discourage me)
The day she finally said “Yes”…I went to pick her for a wedding and on our way back, she agreed but for sometime, I thought it was a joke to make me keep my mouth shut!
Na so the love come dey sweet us…me sef, I no know wetin the girl see for my body o but make una help me thank her because even when we get misunderstanding, she still say Niyi I love you!
I hate it when you ask guys what attracted them to babes, they would tell you,her humility, her career prospect and all that. I must tell you the truth,the initial thing was her physical attributes.She had this robust shape and everything was just complete.Later, she became more like my teacher.I knew that to keep somebody like that i just have to be serious minded in all I do.
Initially, we use to have so misunderstandings over her social life. Whenever we go to parties or she agreed to go clubbing with me, she would refuse to dance. I just thought she was not crazy enough for me but now I have adapted.
I know what she doesn’t like about me (she even said it this today) . According to her, anytime we have a misunderstanding and she refuses to listen to me, I will just romance my computer. One I do that, she knows that no Jupiter can take me away until after I must have finished my work. No mind her..she want me to pet and pet..abeg, i be Yoruba boy, i no me oyinbo!

I have no choice than to write about it since my friends in the Nigerian print media such as City People Magazine, Global Excellence etc have written about it in their columns. She has also been telling me "Niyi, if you know you are not hiding anything, write it on facebook"
For those who want to know about the freekicks, side kicks, Honeymoon and all that...stay glued.I will gist you...especially the wedding night! See ya!


  1. Gud luck to u, u deserve it!

  2. Niyi, congrats oh. Am happy 4 you.
    Make sure you showcase the wedding on Gistmaster.

    Have a happy married life.

  3. Let me be the first to say congratulations... Love, when one finds it could be such a beautiful thing

  4. congrats!!! much sucess and hapiness on your marriage :-)

  5. ayaa congratulation, and make u post picture of the event. Me go miss your column when you go on break, but you deserve it. All the best and Gods blessing as you match down the a aisle


  6. Niyi,

    Oga o! So, its true. Congrats anyway.
    When are you sending the IV or you want to paste the add on the board so that over 4,000 people that read your blog on the daily basis will come to your wedding?
    Pls post the picture of your luck lady abeg!

  7. Congratulations to ya, Niyi. All the best to ya and the lucky bride. Happy marital life & blessings. God bless

  8. congrats but since u are going to make yourself the news then be sure to tell us when you cheat on her

  9. congratulations a million times, God will bless your wedding with twins so that you will become Baba Ibeji,lol,i will surely miss ya, hope to view enogh pics later. hapy married life.
    Adigboluja mm

  10. @ anonymous 3.19AM...was that really necessary?

  11. Congrats Niyi,

    May all your desires and all the blessings that comes with comes with marriage be your portion.

  12. Good Luck! Love the pictures on your blog, sir. Put pics up of the wedding.

  13. Chioma said:
    Congratulations!!! Wish you the best of married life.

  14. "She had this robust shape and everything was just complete.Later, she became more like my teacher.I knew that to keep somebody like that i just have to be serious minded in all I do."

    Wow! Interesting...Especially the teacher part. Hope you do gist about the wedding night, sir.

  15. Congratulations ooooooooo Niyi....i'm so happy for you

  16. Congratulations, I wish both of you all the best!

  17. Congratulations Niyi! I'll be looking out for pictures here.
    God bless your union.

  18. What will now happen to those upcoming models?...any way congrats..and where is the ASO-EBI?

  19. UNCLE NIYI!!

  20. Congrats Niyi, have fun, Good Luck and please bring back lots of pictures.

  21. ayo ibikunle said upcoming model or what? uncle niyi doint mind sola,it seem she also have intrest but the game is over, am stiil care for the gold necklace as dicussed,send aso ebi now.


  23. Mr Niyi, I wish you the best in your marital life and all endeavours of life.

  24. very funny post.. CONGRATULATIONNNSS!!!

    May god bless your marriage with fruitfulness, understanding and peace.. amen!


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