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Unilever Nigeria Plc on Wednesday, August 27th 2008 at a well attended media launch in Lagos, unveiled a new campaign for one of its flagship brands, OMO Multiactive detergent powder. The new campaign is targeted at ensuring mothers' most important laundry needs are met with ease. The message is simple; one 1kg pack of Omo washes more that 2,500 socks. This campaign, according the brand owners, has been verified by an independent laboratory.

According to the Marketing Director, Unilever Nigeria Plc, Richard Ponsford, the brand which is noted for its quality, is no doubt one of the most consistent in the market. This he explained underlies the idea behind the new campaign which is designed to further bring improvement to the brand. He noted that “though stains are inevitable in our strive for success in life, Omo detergent powder is readily available to remove hard stains”
The OMO brand has been able to prove over the years that leadership is about quality, and this can be seen in the continuous research that has helped it maintain its overwhelming presence in the market.
As a buildup to the launch of the new campaign, and in their bid to capture the interest of the consumers, the company, commissioned an independent consumer and market research firm to establish what items of clothing mother's wash frequently as well as what item of clothing that was hardest to wash amongst housewives and the people in the laundry business.
The result of this which was unveiled at the media launch by John M. Emmanuel, Chief Operating Officer, Reliant Research & Resources Consulting, showed that Socks is the hardest material to wash among children’s clothing items. It also reaffirmed the position of the Omo brand as a leader in the market segment, a brand committed to meeting consumer needs.
Based on the research, the brand therefore picked Socks as the core item in the new campaign and it is being used to showcase the effectiveness of OMO in removing the most difficult of stains from one of the toughest items of clothing that mothers wash.
The survey was conducted via face-to face personal interviews using a simple structured questionnaire, at different part of the country, including Aba, Abuja, Benin, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano and Lagos. Its target was mothers with children ranging from ages 3-10 years who personally wash their children’s clothes; and others who work either at the factory or are clerical personnel.
Speaking on this Ijeoma Olisa, Category Manager, Homecare, explained that the choice of Socks for the campaign is to assure mothers that “with Omo no stains are too hard to deal with no matter where they occur”
She added that though the company is out to sustain it leadership position in quality product delivery, the essence of the research was actually to ensure that the view of the consumers is taken into consideration in the company’s plans to deliver quality product to the market.
This will help to strengthen the position of Omo as the preferred detergent powder for its ability to remove stubborn stains without affecting the fabric quality; a unique brand strength the new Omo possesses when compared to other detergents.
Omo Multiactive detergent powder has been proven to take out tough stains from different clothing items, “we know this because we have tested it. It was so effective in washing more that 2,500 socks CLEAN! The Omo Multiactive detergent powder formulation is specially designed with enzymes to deliver this benefit. While the enzymes act directly on the stains, the fabrics and colours are left intact. That is the Omo brand promise”, says Olisa.

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