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In order to lead others you must be able to lead yourself 1st.The unexamined life is not worth living! Whereby you just go with the flow, without checking if its sync to your own life plans that God help you set for your self.You must plan to happen to life or it will never happen to you. And life doesn't get better until you as a person gets better, because when you describe your life, the answer is a personalised one; it cannot be the same as we are different. According to Eleanor Roosevelt- Life has to be lived that is all there is to it.And according to Iyanla Vanzant, If Life is work, then run it like a multi -million dollar corporation and elect yourself the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER.
Chief Reporter's note:Abimbola Junaid is human and business development coach based in the United Kingdom but available worldwide.She is one of our contributors.You can reach her via or her blog:

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  1. I realy love this colum i dod't know if you can send it every week to my privety box? and ple send me the officer website of conmiun magazine weekly to my privety box i am a nigeria how base in south africa i love reading econmiun nagazine even before i lift nigeria now that i am in south africa i find it dificute reading the magazine.

    South Africa.


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