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It was not an all round rigor in the day one at the academy as the entrants were spirit lifted through an integrated gaming scheme by the house principal, Joke Silva. After giving them a dose of the morning instructions, rules and regulations that they have to comply and relate with, the multiple award winning Nollywood star, broods with the youths for proper integration. This was followed by an activity of sound and action which involves the entrants been partitioned into two groups.
Each group was required to make a complete sense with sound and action without having to say anything. The first team was tasked to create a sound and work out an action that fits that sound, while other team member will complement that sound and action with another suitable sound and action until the entire team members are involved and a complete story is told.
Praise led the first group which also had Bisola, Betty, Wilmort, Brenda, Joseph, and Benedicta. Together they made a perfect team and created sound and action that was interpreted as a complete music band.
The second group was led by Amechi. The group had Preye, Dorcas, Annette, Iyanya, Caroline, Ijeoma, and Joseph. Together they formed sound and action that was interpreted to tell the story of a lazy doctor who rebuffs a critical situation from his patients and flipping through the newspaper pages, while there was another urgent call from another patient. Then a contract doctor came to solve the whole situation. However, Bisola interpreted it to tell the story of a lazy man and his hungry family.
It was fun and excitement as the contestants had a swell time that helped them to relax and create friendly relationship with one another in the academy. They proceeded to the voice class where their voice trainer (Gogo-Margin) was waiting to take them on intensive voice training. They had a general routine training after which Caroline, Ijeoma, Praise and Iyanya took their turn to practice their song personally with the voice instructor. They were advised to practice their songs regularly and to ensure that they get the right key that is comfortable for them so that they don’t get stuck in the middle of a performance. She maintained that she wants to see the contestants improvising at certain point in their song so as to bring their personalities out in their performance.
Practicing various songs from Shania Twain to Michael Bolton, Shade Adu, TLC, and Mya, the contestants show commitment to their voice and songs as they put extra effort to outplace one another in their performances at the training session.
So much is in the line for the contestants as they are gradually gravitating towards the elimination stages. They are going to be judged for elimination every week by members of the public who monitors the academy activities on the daily broadcast on NTA Networks, 5pm, MBI and on Nigezie Channel on Hi Tv. Photos of some of the contestants.
Photo 1-Joseph Ankrah. Photo 2-Mbuk Iyanya.Photo above:Chukwuemeka Akpuru.Below-Mike AnyasodoPhoto above-Caroline Agbonalor.Below-Benedicta Ebute
Photo:Branda Johnson.Below-Abisola Grace Aiyeola
Photo:Annette Cookey

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