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Naturally, 27 November of every year is always my happiest day on earth. Reason? Its my birthday and i get really,really excited...somehow it has become a mystery i can't explain. Ordinarily,I am a happy person but 27 November comes with exceptional river joy flowing through me.Ohhhh...unlike last year when someone blew me a kiss via mobile phone around midnight, this year, i got it livvvvvvveeeee! I am particularly excited about the roll call of visitors already on my facebook waiting to be served african delicacies ranging from Amala to eforiro, to Iyan and egusi...and they would watch it down with moet chandon,malta guiness,Coca cola and every other drink is in abundance.
Really, 27 November is like my own New Year.I hope to do more in the area of assisting less priviledged children. There are countless numbers of child labourers in Nigeria today and we need to assist them. To me, that would be one of the ways to discover a lot of obamas in our society. Trust, i have loads of gist for you. Some politicians are not so lucky to have the kind of fantastic comments i have so far on facebook. I thank God.I would formally thank those that have so far made my day.I will also gist you about the actress who woke me up with "yeye boy,happy birthday...but we are still fighting o.Just warn those who are writing bad comment about me on your blog!"


  1. Happy Birthday wishing you all the best.

  2. dude...happy birthday! it's thanksgiving in america now! hope had a great one!

  3. happy birthday Niyi. I owe you one...many more happy days to come

  4. Happy Birthday Niyi,
    NOvember 27th was Thanks giving holiday in America. It is a great day to be one's birthday. I hope you had fun.

  5. Happy belated birthday bro. Why you no tell me now when we bin talk for phone?

    May God fulfill all your heart's desires now and forever- AMEN.


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