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In every media organization all over the world, plagiarism is regarded as unacceptable. I know a lot of people who come here to pick stories and reproduced for their newspapers and magazines. Yet, they credit GISTMASTER and by so doing, they also create traffic back to us. I applaud my colleagues from newspapers such as PUNCH NEWSPAPER, CHAMPION NEWSPAPER, PM NEWS,THIS DAY NEWSPAPER, THE SUN NEWSPAPER, THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER and others who have at one time tapped into our news/photos resources for their show of professionalism.
However, months back I noticed that Compass, a national newspaper in Nigeria have been using my work without credit. I complained to the reporter, Mr. Hazeez Balogun and he told me it was an oversight. Subsequently, I have noticed that the newspaper have continued to publish my work without credit or renumeration. Last Saturday, my story and photos on Mercy Johnson was published and not a single line of reference that it was from gistmaster.Worst still, they photoshop my name off the photo. I challenge anybody to prove otherwise. It’s highly unprofessional.
They did the same when I did the story on Temitayo George as soon as it was published in September, this same writer took my photo and story, the same with the Anita Baker’s story. Others are my story on Freddie Jackson, the workshop on entertainment industry addressed by Dele Momodu and others, Orits Wiliki story and others. This time, I am we are prepared to take this case up with the management of the company. Then we would decide whether or not they are the one paying their reporter to be lifting work here without credit or permission.

I know what it takes to cover events till late in nights, (spending money, time and taking the risk) yet some people think they can sleep on their bed then the next day, they just copy stories and publish for commercial purposes.

click here to see the original story and photo of Nollywood actress,Mercy Johnson before it was lifted by Compass Newspaper. You can also click here to see the Temitayo George story and photo before it was lifted by Compass Newspaper without reference.I have so many references to make...I mean,its shocking that people can be getting salaries for works done by me!


  1. OMG.....that is so disgusting and highly unprofessional!!!!

  2. Hazeez can hardly be called a journalist Sir. You guys have n standards that is why it happens. Nigerian journalism thrives on stealing stories and pictures and it is so sad for the profession

  3. Please, please get a good lawyer and sue these fake journalists. This is unacceptable.

    Bola, UK.

  4. Daylight robbery!!!! Some people no get shame at all. No morals whatsoever. This is happening all in the name of meeting deadlines. More like Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop!Has this newspaper got an editor?Does the guy think he's still in a secondary school press club?!!!

  5. That is crazy!! I recognize that picture of Mercy Johnson from your blog and even facebook. I don't know why Nigerians do crap like that. As a fellow writer, I feel your pain. It sucks!!

    Can you sue them? If you can, then please do!!

  6. man thats fucked up

    Grr...the nerve!
    journalism in nigeria is as good as getting info from an infant who is still in its jargoning phase. utter nonsense & rubbish!

    i would say u sue them but then again the judicial system is also f'd.

  7. it wouldnt kill them to reference ur site! as journalists (using d term loosely), they shld know better.

    im not a journalist and so i'll admit that sometimes the whole citing source thing comes off as unnecessary 2 me but its completely unacceptable for a national newspaper 2 plagiarize.

    especially since u made it known 2 them that it was unacceptable

  8. Gistmaster, that's Naija for you..., and there is nothing you can do about it. You can complain all you want, but what do you think is going to really happen? Sue? Please, when we all know Naija is really not a civilized country.

    I dislike what these unprofessional journalists are doing to you, Niyi, but what can you really do if they refuse to hear your complaints? Naija is backwards..., so deal with it.

    We, your readers will continue to support you from all across the globe. Keep your head up, and keep rolling.

  9. When you work for thieves like Gbenga Daniel, expectations as per your actions and inactions are very low.
    Hazeez works for people who promote un-professionalism and corruption, so Niyi expect less, and please don't sue them, because the promoters of Compass vis a vis Gbenga Daniel will make sure you don't win the case, hand the case over to the Almighty God.

  10. How sad! A major newspaper for that matter. O ma se o... I no fit shout bo. Naija matter dey tire me. Niyi, take heart. Better still, consider getting an attorney or report a copyrights board or something. That's if there is any such thing in Naija.

  11. I feel ya on this bro. It's very annoying. They do the same thing to Stella Dimorkokokus all the time and in one crazy instance, even copied her word for word on one Ghanaian news website. It was like they just hit the copy and paste button; they didn't even bother to ammend it small.

    How body jare? BTW you no follow mention my name say i been credit you for your pictures wey i been use for my blog...ehn???!!! lol.

    Take care my broda.

  12. one word: Ole - Thief.
    Could also mean Indolent Sloth both of which apply to this Hazeez AND his editor.

    Shameless people!!

  13. What a shame on Naija Journalism? My broda (in true Naija accent)nothing do u, abi? They(the thieves) can always try to be you, but they will always fail. You are unique in so many ways, you are the original one, God gave you this talent & gift and no one shall take it from you, abegi ooo.

    Keep up the good work sha....

    All the best
    Manto Qotoyi (South African Girl)
    Glasgow, UK

  14. noticed it and thought u gave them permission


  15. Niyi, sorry oh! Wish I could flog that guy for you. What amazes me was the way they "photoshopped" the picture to remove your watermark!
    Considering the effort they used to do that, why didn't they just go ahead and snap their own original pictures?
    And I thought the Compass story was original till I came to your blog and saw it here.
    NYAMAA!!! *vomits on a copy of The Compass*

  16. compass is a piece of shit magazine so im not surprised

  17. Niyi, Please what would you say of a blogger who gave a writer credit yet the writer was harassing the blogger? It happened to me last year. Such is life. I am sorry that your works were plagiarised. Complain to the publisher of Compass newspapers. If nothing is done about it send a copy of the complaint to all major newspapers published in Nigeria e.g. THE PUNCH for publication. Enough is enough... The internet is not regulated that is why COMPASS is trying to use CYBERLAW on you. I think the Governor of Ogun State is the publisher and he will be very unhappy about it. Otunba Daniel is unaware that his business has been taken over by ‘bluebeards’. I think the writer should be FIRED! He is an arse hole...

  18. Try and get a software that will not allow anybody to copy and paste from your blog. When they print it will show BLANK... ha ha ha.
    Ekigbe ole, ole (shout thief, thief...) ala Sound Sultan. A COMPASS is a pen 'robber'. E get as e bi o...


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