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What is going on in the Nigerian entertainment world? I love reading your blog from time to time because it keeps me abreast of what is happening back home. Somehow i am not finding the gist that Soul E and his wife Ure are no longer together, funny at all.Rumour mongers said their romance has packed up.
Please let us know the true state of things.If it is true, then I think the fact that Soul E married a woman that is about 11 years older than him worked against the whole thing.That is the African mentality.I married a woman that is 5 years older and we have been living together for more than 8 years now without having problems.
More power to ur elbow.

REPLY: Thanks so much. I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day over the same issue and she made a remark that "Soul E don blow Ure money finish e wan run!" Well, it is true that the two of them are no longer an item as they usd to be in parties. Those who like them so much are praying for them to come back. Ure has confirmed the gist that they are no longer together.In today's ThisDay Newspapers, she was quoted by Seun Opara as saying that they never got married in the first instance. She also stated that what they did was only receive blessings from Soul E's father who happens to be a pastor and that both families agreed to the relationship. That means they only co-habited before things decided to fall apart. Ure only said she has apologised to Reverend Chris Okotie in the spirit of reconcilliation.
Their union was widely criticized because Ure was much older and richer than Emmanuel Okose popularly known as Soul E.Well,story of love is like a movie, they might conquer their problems and re-united!Nothing is impossible.

LETTER 2:Dear Reader
, if you are the woman that sent me a letter concerning your two friends in Nigeria. I can assist but I don't know how to get back to you since you said the request should not be posted. You can email me and I will get back to you.My email is -

Dear Okike , you said you want to have more info about the Making of the Next Supermodel in Nigeria. Well,the casting would now hold at Idea Media office 32 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island,Lagos. The form is N6,000 (Naira). You can also contact Jumoke on- 08062340664

LETTER 4: Opeyemi, thanks for your note and I pray that Baba God will continue to bless anyone that wants the progress of Nigeria. I will publish the full text of your message very soon an i know that others would be encouraged. You made my day!!!


  1. The first time I saw them on Funmi Iyanda, I knew it was not going to last long. Not to say, that kind of relationship can not last long but it was obvious that Soul E was just in it temporarily.I remember Soul E saying her smile caught him, and that was it, c'mon there has to be something more to that in a relationship. Who know maybe Ure has part to play in it, because she completely fell for this young man too.

  2. Ure and Soul E are no longer together???? Awww! I was rooting for them ooo. I saw them on Funmi Iyanda's show. I wasn't particularly in love with their union, but I was on their side for Ure's sake. Boy! Well, I hope they both find their soul mates.

  3. Ure and Soul E remind me of Bobby Brown and Whitney. I am not sure what motivated Soul E; whether it was Ure's money and fame or beauty. Psychologically, am sure Ure enjoyed the attention of a younger man. It does work-look at Demi Moore and Austin Kutcher-they are so happy together.
    It is regretable that Soul E is so broke he has to walk-could it be that Ure who doubled as his manager ruined him financially?
    Well, I hope they remain friends.
    Ure could have done Assisted Reprduction if she wanted to get pregnant. Even if she had fibroid, there is a new technology to remove fibroid-it is call Utra Sound focused .. I forget the next word now-anyway the patient lies flat on the stomach and the heat from the ultra sound melts the fibroids so long as they are not too big and the organs are not affected as the heat is only focused where the fibroid is. It is done in America and Germany. It cost about 4 thousand euros. The preson leaves the same day but may not drive because of drowsiness from the injection-no operation just the heat from the ultra sound. An MRI is first done to see the size of the fibroid and to determine whether the patient is a cadidate for the procedure.

  4. Oh Ure! How i wish I can get your contact address as I have not seen you many years now having left the country to the United States years ago.
    I remember you very well back in Umuahia Abia State when we were teenagers/in our early twenties.
    God Bless,


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