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Deaconess Yinka Adeniyi-Raji celebrated her birthday with pupils in her class yesterday (1 April 2009) in Kuwait.Here is wishing her abundance of God's blessing. Some of the pupils who shared birthday date with her, were also glad to share in the cutting of the cake, which has her picture on it.
She had so much fun and some of the kids who paid glowing tributes to their teacher made tears 'stroll' down from her eyes.
She used to be in Nigeria's advertising sector but now she is dedicated to the work of God and mentoring people.


  1. Happy Birthday to my Mother! (i hope I look as elegant as you do when I'm your age) XoXo.

  2. Hi Sis,

    Ebitimi here,happy birthday in arrears. I prayed for you on your birthday, but did not know where to post a birthday message.I've really been disturbed that i lost touch with you. Hope to hear from you.

    My phone no. has not changed.

    Love you

  3. Happy Birthday in arrears ma,i feel so touched by the love you ve 4 kids.......

  4. Hi Yinka, 'they that water shall be watered also' Cograts on your Birthday. The Good Lord whom you serve shall continue to strenghten and enlarge your coast.

    It Bolade Badmus. 0802 303 4871


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