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Its April already, the month DJ Jimmy Jatt’s battle field is expected to commence, and there is no how he is not staying true to his word.

‘‘The preliminary for Battlefield is kicking off this month, at the end of which we hope to discover new rappers, dancers and DJs’. He says

Remember how he hit our TV screens with Jimmy’s Jump Off, and how he released ‘The Definition’- a mix tape which featured a number of up and coming acts ‘I just want to do what I love to do the most which is give a lot of gifted and talented people a platform to express themselves, and that is exactly what battle field is all about’ he explains

Expected to debut in a matter of days, Battlefield will take a whole new dimension from the usual reality shows on TV. Jimmy Jatt says- ‘It is not really a reality show; it is more like a contest. It is called Battlefield. It is my own way of trying to discover new sets of DJs. We should be grooming DJs, rappers and dancers regularly. I have been around for a while and I have moved around a lot. I have realized that most talent hunt shows here are all about singers, but we should understand that just the same way we have a whole lot of young people who want to sing; we also have a whole lot of young people who want to rap and dance and become DJs’

The auditions kicks off in Lagos on April 15, 2009 at The place, GRA, Ikeja.and it starts with the DJ battle, while in May, it will be ‘rap battle’, and then in June, it will be the ‘Dance battle’. ‘We do different competitions every month and a winner emerges to qualify for the grand finale at the end of the year. Anybody that wins in each month gets between N200, 000 and N400, 000. For the grand finale, we have for the winner one million naira, a brand new car and a state-of-the-art DJ equipment’ he says

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