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Story and photos by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

As we told you, the Arise African Fashion Week has taken off.Models from different agencies are already showing off their swagger at the Sandton Covention Centre in South Africa.So much has been happening and hope to give you all the behind the news,backstage and show photos soon.


  1. fabulous! eagerly anticipating more photos. have a fantastic time!

  2. only the nigerian press and nigerians are the only people that will treat their people very wrong. saw you at the show trying so had to be with models that are not nigerians it is a shame that a show that nigeria money paid for has no significant showing of nigerian models and niogerian press have been paid to shut up including you how long can killing nigeria continue history will definitely judge all of you. Thank God models like bunmi ,bisi ,amaka isi removed shame from us yesterday and oluchi whom you quickly posted on your blgg could not walk and was so confused on the ramp. My God what money can do to you people guess we models know our enemies now and that includes you. Iknow you will not publish you but looking at all those so call nigerian press people yesterday i felt like vomiting you people will never write the truth unless the money of the truth is more that that of lies. Yesterday i saw nigerian designers an i felt like spitting on their faces may all of you rot in hell

  3. @anon- Thanks for your comment.By nature, i mingle with everyone, including Nigerian models. Some of them have been very wonderful.However,almost embarassed me when she said she doesn't speak Yoruba when i spoke Yoruba to her...someone that i overheard speakingh Yoruba like 3 minutes before that!Initially, i felt bad but later i realised its good to be real and not pretend. This person is a yoruba girl, someone i hav been following her career for years. Does it mean that when someone is in South Africa for like 3 or 4 years, the mother tongiue would disappear?I mean i know someone who has lived in Uk for about 25 years and still speak Yoruba fluently.At the moment,some of my friends and I,are even is being hosted by a model in her house and she has proved to be very fantastic.


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