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THE latest victim that will leave the Koko Mansion among the remaining eight girls (Kokolette) will be known today as eviction takes place this evening from 5pm on Koko TV, the channel that broadcasts happenings in Koko Mansion.
Tension has gripped the girls, Shona, Rita, Elizabeth, Victoria, Chinwe, Chidinma, Bolanle and Rekana already. Uncertainty hangs in the air; every contestant is putting final touches to her game plan to remain in D’banj’s mansion for the remaining four weeks.
The dance competition, one of the many tasks the Kokolettes have undertaken since they moved into the mansion last month, was great...Both teams (Blue and Red teams) did very well. It would have been hard to decide which team was going win. But at last, Red team (Chidinma, Rekana, Chinwe, and Lizzy) won. The kokolettes had more than a guest in the mansion this last week. Singer D'jinne was in the house to do what he knows how to do best. The Mamuzee Twins had earlier in the week taught the girls some dance steps while the ‘owner’ of the mansion, Afro hip hop superstar, D'banj was in the house, and had a one on one chat with the girls. He talked about managing their success, and specifically managing the N5million naira prize money (for the eventual winner). The Grotto night club and bar owner, Abiodun Adegoke, was also a guest at the mansion.
There's been a sudden kind of closeness between Shona and Chinwe, strange, but true.
However, the next person to join the evictees, Bidemi, Chioma, Mary and Lillian will be known today when show hostess, Marian Anazodo and D’banj announce the result of votes cast by viewers across the globe.
Koko Mansion that enters its fifth week today has generated a lot of interest among viewers of the reality show being aired on HiTV Pay TV Company.
Koko Mansionrevolves around the quest of 12 beautiful, talented girls that will live in a mansion for eight weeks, to become the ideal Kokolette (wife). The Mansion is situated in an undisclosed area in Lagos. Hip hop superstar D’banj will play a vital role in the oncoming show.
In these weeks, the young women will be groomed and tested in various activities in order to determine the one with the greatest Koko Virtues, worthy of being a wife –a Kokolette.
Some of these Koko Virtues that the viewer that would be the ultimate judge in the intrigue-filled show would be looking out for are: the ability of the Kokolette to cook scrumptious meals, her ability to furnish and maintain the mansion. The Kokolette must also be industrious while being able to take care of the home front; her ability to be respectful and courteous at all times would be put to test. The potential Kokolette must be able to emulate notable women in the society even as she shows the ability to impress the viewers, under all circumstances in order to win the public’s votes to remain in the house among others.
D’banj would among other things, help the public determine who the winner should be. He is currently one of the most eligible single young men in Nigeria and it is believed that the music star will be able to adequately represent most men in the limelight who people assume would not appreciate a complete woman. So, with the help of his friends and associates, the public will know the most tolerant, hospitable and respectful woman in the mansion. D’banj’s entertaining character may also act as a catalyst that will bring out the girls’ true personalities.
The winner of the show will emerge the most sought Kokolette.
The Kokolette must be a beautiful young lady, at least 18 years old; she must be smart and intellectually savvy; she must also possess a fun talent she is willing to explore and definitely a WIFE material. She must be well-cultured with sound domestic training, an absolute diva with the ability to get along with a diverse crowd. The Kokolette must be someone with good moral values, independent and ambitious aside being a creative person.
The Kokolette must also be an excellent host, a very creative person who understands and can get along with the celebrity lifestyle of the hip hop star. A video audition was used by the panel determine the 12 finalists.
Eviction is primarily done by the public and could be based on D’banj’s comments. Every week, there will be a talent show segment where each lady must showcase her talent to the viewers. Talent is an important criterion to be part of the show because it would serve as the platform for each Kokolette to become a celebrity in their own right after the show. However, each week, among the three ladies up for eviction, it would be D’Banj’s prerogative to give Koko Mycine (immunity) to one of the girls. He can only use Koko Mycine once in the duration of the show. “The winner will among other benefits, be crowned Kokolette 1, get a Chris Aires Diamond ring, a brand new convertible car, feature in his next music video You Don Make Me Fall In Love alongside N5 million in cash. Aside that, the winner will be D’Banj’s companion at public events both within and outside Nigeria. She would further emerge as HiTV’s Hi-Babe; that is, Beautiful,
Amiable, Bold and Entertaining. Asides from exploring her talent professionally, she’ll be obligated to get involved in women empowering projects that would especially reinforce the unique role of an African woman in the development of our

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  1. I think they are excepting too much from the ladies. Haba! How can one person have all those qualities? It's like building a castle in the air. Though i'm not a lady but the requirements a la expectations would have surely dissuaded me from participating. Anyways, i wish em good luck.


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