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HOW TO CARE FOR… Ur’ Handbag


Many bags are lined with canvas, nylon or pig suede. To clean, gently pull the interior inside out and use a standard lint roller to pick up debris.

Keep these fasteners working smoothly by running a piece of natural beeswax (found in hardware stores) over a zipper’s open teeth.

Residue from lotions can discolor and age material-another good reason to keep hands clean. Also, don’t overstuff a bag; too much weight can weaken stitching or damage straps.

Deep scratches or cracks on metal are virtually impossible to repair. But bag and shoe repair shops can replate hardware to hide finer flaws.

Leather, of course, is a skin, so keep it happy and moisturized with a leather conditioning cream. There’s no reason to treat it with a protectant or a silicone spray, caught in the rain? Run for cover, then dab-don’t wipe –moisture away.

Structured bags with stiff bottoms often have “feet” (metal rivets incorporated into the base) to protect the leather against scratches and stains. Feet can also be added by a professional.

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  1. very very helpful tips. I did not have a clue on how to take care of bags that I carry but now I do.
    I hope I can find all the cleaning agents plus its very challenging here in Nigeria cuz of the weather and the bustle of getting around.

    Thank u


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