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 Just when the buzz all over the town is about Bella Adenuga and Jameel Disu's wedding in town, the news about the re-marriage of Moji, the ex-wife of Mr.Gbenga Obasanjo also filtered into town. Lanre Alfred reported in Thisday Newspapers that Moji is now married to
a big boy, Aby Akinwunmi. 
  Unlike Moji's wedding to Gbenga, son of ex-President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, which was marked with so much splendour, this one was a close guilded one.gistmaster gathered that Moji's faher, Otunba Alex Onabanjo has given his blessings.He is happy that his daughter has found a man that loves her .
 Moji Onabanjo married Gbenga Obasanjo shortly after his father was elected as the President of Nigeria. It was attended by the movers and shakers of Nigeria. The marriage was blessed with children. Years later the couple seperated and there was allegations and counter allegations. The first that came to two was the allegation that Moji couldn't cook. Later,Gbenga caused his lawyer to institute a divource case agaibnst his wife, whom he he alleged was flirting with friends and close family even immediate family members.
 Shortly after the allegations was made public, Moji asked her lawyer, Kola Awodehin SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) to write to the petitioner. She also denied the allegations contained in the petition of Mr.Gbenga Obasanjo and in his lawyer .
 The case was later dissolved by a competent court of law in Lagos due to irreconcilable differences.


  1. This is quite a surprise. Good for her.

  2. this is very interesting news. happy for her and love your blog

  3. @Myne-Life goes on.abi?lol@Ubidue, thanks so much .

  4. happy she remarried, life must move on and she is doing just that, she is happy, I am happy for her too

  5. Really???? Her husband accused her of not being able to cook. Someone tell me that that was not an actual accusation that a woman even tried to defend. So silly. I wonder what the so called husband has to offer

  6. when the man was dating her and she never invited him over for a home cooked dinner, didn't he know then that she could not cook? And as rich as he is, he couldn't afford to hire a cook for the house or was he marrying her so she can be his cook? There was a lot more going on there than "she can't cook." If a person is a certain way when you date, they will be that way after marriage o.

    God has blessed her with a new husband, make she enjoy and give praise especially since Naija men can be notorious for only wanting fresh wife not another man's discarded property.

  7. lies all lies incest swept under the carpet nigerianslet us say the truth to ourselve and shun sentiments,oh I weep 4 a nation where evil stands in the open and we applaud it hmmm God is watching us all.

  8. so what if she can't cook? I went to primary school with this snob (our class room was filled with the kids of rich people) and even then knew she was a pampered little princess! congratulations to you, Moji Onabanjo-Obasanjo-Akinwummi, so what if you can't cook? Just hire a chef to do your cooking for you

  9. You be Mumu, so its good that she cant cook abi?


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