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Here are some useful tips on how to make a pleasant entry and hold that fragrance long enough to last for the good money spent to purchase it.

•Try to keep your perfumes in dark and cold places so they can remain long-lasting.

•Do not splash perfumes on silk because it leaves stains.

•If you want to use perfumes which cause allergic reaction, try to spray it on your handbag or your hair or the parts of clothing which do not touch your skin directly.

•If you want to find out if you are allergic to some fragrances, spray it gently on your wrist or inner part of your elbow. If after about an hour you notice some reaction, it means that the perfumes are not for you.

•It is better to perfume your body before you get dressed because you can spray more of your body then and it will not leave stains on your clothes.
•Most perfumes are designed to last for about four hours. Some of them may last longer but they will change their scent then. Therefore it is advisable to use perfumes once or twice more during the day.....

All info courtesy DL PERFUMES.

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