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 By Niyi Tabiti
 Some women under the auspices of African Women in Disapora have added another interesting dimension to the next political election. According to the group, if incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria fails to contest the election or he did not get elected then Nigerian women would go on strike.
 Gistmaster gathered that the group are not taking the whole thing as a joke because they are ready to enforce it.One of the leaders of the group, Patricia Oreremi Badejo,said they will support Jonathan because he is more sensitive to gender issues. He also has good programs that would alleviate poverty.Failure to give Jonathan a chance, Badejo said, would lead to them calling on all Housewives,girlfriends, sex workers and so on to embark on Sex strike.
  If this threat is carried out, i bet some men would die of sex starvation.How many can stand ordinary three days without doing somethings???

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  1. lol....& mscheww to the political propaganda!


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