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It’s been four weeks since the show started proper, and if there is
one question most viewers want to know, it is- Why has Misi been
relegated to coordinating just backstage interviews?
Up until December 2010, Yemisi Fajimolu was an OAP at a Lagos based
radio station, and many of her followers on radio were looking forward
to seeing her on the Nigerian Idol stage.
But when the Nigerian Idol top 50 phase first aired on December 17,
2010, it was to a reserved Misi announcing that “For five weeks, I
will be interviewing the contestants backstage. Every week, eight will
leave and two will stay”
It remains uncertain if the decision was from the Idols team or from
Misi, but going by her tweet on Monday January 10, 2011 “I love the
entire Nigerian Idol contestants, seeing them go is not funny at all.
They work hard, and when you see all the work they put in, you can
only root for them”, it appears that Miss Fajimolu has built a tie
with the contestants these past weeks.
Misi’s association with Nigerian Idol started on September 21, 2010
when she was announced host at a world press conference held in Lagos.
But the licensees of Idols in Nigeria introduced a co-host Anis
Halloway during the Enugu auditions in October.
“Misi has a soft spot for the contestants, and it’s just normal for
her to be close to them. Most of them will easily talk to her and tell
her their fears” Adaora Mbelu Communications Manager at Optima Media
Group says
Just before contestants leave for the big stage, Misi speaks to them
and tries to ease them of the stress while Anis introduces them on
stage. It is not clear when or if she will be returning to the stage
as earlier promised by the organizers, but there are speculations that
they are saving her for the final phase.
Sponsored by Etisalat in association with Royal Exchange and Pepsi,
Nigerian Idol airs on 20 broadcast stations in Nigeria, UK and USA.
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Idols has been produced in different continents of the world like
Poland, America, Greece and Turkey.

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