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Ayo Fashola is used to  'eyes'  traffic anytime she steps out. She is charming to say the least . Anytime she steps out, she is the mobile advert of her business.A graduate of Public Relations from the University of Texas at Arlington, Ayo operates her own Style consulting firm, specializing in the area of personal style and wardrobe management and image development. having worked with top personalities including Ludacriss in his clothing line, Ayo has a wealth of experience that would be of great benefit to her clients.

Ayo is in Nigeria at the moment trying to help women build confidence into their style. she told that the power of style is unquantifiable because it can move mountains. Now if you need a wardrobe manager that would bring the right touch and even help shop for it, then click

About Ayo Fashola

Image therapist, wardrobe specialist and personal brand strategist are just a few of the strengths and talents, Ayo Fashola, principal style consultant of Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting, has in her arsenal. Highly in tune with emerging trends, she delivers a vi-brant, intuitive and sophisticated approach to assist her clients, ranging from photographers and artists to top level executives en-hance their professional and personal charisma, but also in gaining a competitive edge in their respective fields, while attracting indus-try attention.

With vast experience in public relations, marketing, fashion, and beauty, and with a list of Fortune 500 client/experiences to include YUM! Brands, JP Morgan Chase, Providian Financial, Fidelity, Sprint (formely Nextel), Estée Lauder, Color Me Beautiful, and luxury retailer Barneys New York, Ayo gathered first-hand knowledge of the special desires, wants, unique challenges, and needs of today’s image and style conscious consumer.

Ayo says, “Branding yourself through your personal style is not only for Rockstars and celebrities. The average person has got to stand out from his or her competitors in a positive way in an image-conscious society and hard-work alone will not help and it does not matter how talented you are. If you are not packaged in a way that engages and connects with others, it is just not going to work.”

Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting became as a way to help wom-en weed through the complexities in their wardrobe. Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting Is dedicated to empowering women through their personal style.

“The subject of image and personal style has never been taken seri-ously.” Ayo says. “We’ve been conditioned to believe that caring about the way we look is vain, self-indulgent, and shallow, and in the grand scheme of things, unimportant. But image is integral and relevant within the grand scheme. It is a serious matter, because it affects how we live, the way we feel about ourselves in the world, and how we choose to interact with others. What could be more serious than that?”

Ayo holds a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in pub-lic relations and an added specialty in business marketing from the University of Texas. Ayo has appeared in top Dallas Socialite pub-lications as Papercity, F!DLuxe, Dallas Modern Luxury, The Dal-las Weekly, and Dallas Weekly’s The Journal as well as TV style segments on TX21 News and Metro Channel 8. Ayo also volun-teers as an image consultant and model for Attitude and Attire, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing confidence and self-esteem in women.

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  1. Niyi: This is great write-up on Ayo Fashola and more grease to your elbow for the nice exposure or spotlight. She is gonna go a long way!


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