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NIGERIAN IDOL: TEN FRESH CONTESTANTS SLUG IT OUT ….As Glory and BB make it to top 10 phase

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Abuja based Glory Oriakhi and viewer’s favorite Biodun Bello (BB) have joined Naomi and Ola at the top ten phase, each returning home with smiles on Thursday December 30, 2010.

Based in different locations of Nigeria, the young hopefuls are not only childhood friends but are also final year Law students in different Universities in Nigeria.

Glory, the first contestant to get a golden ticket at the Abuja auditions has lived in the Federal Capital all her life and has been involved in music right from her early years in the children choir. She is a final year Law student at the University of Abuja

BB, a 400 level law student at Igbinedion University is based in Kano. Also a dancer and a Choreographer, Miss Bello started singing in church at the age of seven. “I’m so excited I made it to the top 10. I missed classes for Nigerian Idol. And I am glad it’s not in vain” she says

Meanwhile, as Glory and BB return to their various destinations in preparation for the big stage on January 23, 2010, the producers continue on the journey of sourcing for two of the viewer’s choice weekly till they get the final 10 contestants who will slug it out for the grand prize of 7.5 million Naira and a record deal with Sony BMG.

Last Sunday, January 2, 2011 Jessica, Godson, Graycee, Faith, Toyosi, Zoe, Chuxy, Jumoke, George and AJ performed in front of the judges and viewers. Two notable contestants who the judges couldn’t hide their excitement about are Zoe and AJ. Infact Yinka Davies was short of words after Zoe’s performance- she just kept on screaming!

AJ on the other hand has dedicated two of her renditions to Jeffery Daniel. During her audition in Calabar, she sang with a guitar and devoted the song to Jeffery. “He will be my sweet love today” she said to Misi back stage minutes before performing on Sunday.

“Cool little AJ, from the day you sang to me with a guitar in Calabar, you have grown. It’s really good to see a lot come out from that cute little body of yours” Jeffery Daniel said amidst cheering from the crowd.

It doesn’t stop there, the online world is booming with comments; “I want AJ to win Nigerian Idol” an observer puts up on micro-blogging site Twitter. “Zoe just stole my heart with the performance of Celine Dion’s River Deep” another viewer posts on twitter

“Just watched Nigerian Idol, well done AJ” another says “Zoe left an impression; I even know her voting line off hand.”

Interestingly fellow contestant Glory Oriakhi endorses both contestants “AJ and Zoe all the way, 10 votes for each of them from me” She puts on Nigerian Idol’s official facebook page on Monday January 3, 2010.

Nigerian Idol, the producers say, will produce the biggest Nigerian music star this year. The man or woman who’ll sing Nigerians to sleep and wake them up the next morning. The one singer that’ll in a matter of months, move from obscurity to celebrity; the one singer who’ll move from the back seat to the A-league

“They are all talented, and we know that they are going places, but the truth is that there is only room for one Nigerian Idol, and every week, we will keep evicting till we get the viewer’s choice” Lillias Bode Producer of Nigerian Idol said last week.

There’s a lot of surprises; we are going to infuse a lot of excitement into the show and make sure viewers enjoy and look forward to watching the show while not compromising on the show’s original format. Our dream is to give Nigerians the best home entertainment possible, while using the platform to empower talented music stars who will go on to do Nigeria proud all over the world. Rotimi Pedro MD of Optima Media Group adds

The fourth group of ten have arrived the Dream Studio gearing up to perform on Sunday January 9, 2011.

Sponsored by Etisalat in association with Royal Exchange and Pepsi, Nigerian Idol airs on 20 broadcast stations in Nigeria, UK and USA. Transmission details are available on

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