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D’banj has formally announced in a press conference on the 2nd of
February, that he will be leading a group of artists in Nigeria, with
the support of icons and professionals to engage Nigerian Youths in
the ongoing voters registration.

While various organizations have been formed to support this cause,
this is the first time in Nigerian Entertainment History, that artists
have formed a coalition, to encourage the Youth of Nigeria to register
to vote, vote, and have a voice in the future of Nigeria.

At a time of political unrest in the African body polity, Nigerian
youths demonstrate true democracy.

OUR TIME ensures the participation of the youths in the ongoing
Democratic transformation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It is the findings of OUR TIME that only 8% of eligible youths are
registered to vote and it will do the ongoing democratic
transformation harm if there is a low turnout of the youths in the
forthcoming elections.

It is the belief of OUR TIME that a strategy is devised to ensure
youth participation in the ongoing voters registration and in the
forthcoming elections.

OUR TIME demonstrates the vision of progress and change in the
Nigerian body polity and positions the leadership as a beacon of hope
and a shining light at a time when parts of Africa are in turmoil.

The Intentions of OUR TIME is to utilize a unique platform to create a
campaign that will mobilize the youths to participate in the ongoing
voters registration exercise via radio jingles, television ads, print
media, online marketing and concerts in six geographical regions in
the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Led by D’banj and Mo Hits Records, a 6 state concert is being planned
which will feature top international African and Nigerian artists.
Entry to the concert will be strictly by showing your voters
registration card.

The advantages include positioning Nigeria under the present
leadership as a true democratic country, ensuring the massive
participation of youths in the democratic process, initiating change
through positive social interaction, worldwide media coverage of the
positive changes thereby showcasing a new Nigeria and the power of the
youths to decide their leadership.

D’banj, Musical Artist and UN Ambassador for the youths and foremost
voice of the youths in the federal republic of Nigeria alongside
MIGHTY, TERRY G, TIMAYA, TIMI DAKOLO etc) embark on a series of free
concerts in Six geographical regions of Nigeria in a bid to ensure
youth participation in the ongoing voters registration.
Entry into these concerts will require no gate fee, only your VOTERS

It has been proven that the entertainment industry is the fastest
growing and most vibrant industry in Nigeria and entertainers have the
ability to motivate the youths to perform their civic

D’banj and all supporting artists, hereby formally announce that it is
OUR TIME; we must register, participate and vote.

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  1. For those of us who watched CNN last night, we were not as surprised when they revealed that HOSNI MUBARAK of Egypt was worth with his family $70 Billion Dollars. I want to say that this has been the case with all african leaders including nigeria with or without democracy. For how long must this continue.
    My fellow brothers and sisters on this site, i believe jonathan is a good person....but what we need in nigeria is judgement. For some reason i believe that Mallam Nuhu ribadu is the man who can bring death to all the people who have looted and destroyed our great nation. He also has the tendencies to go against the most powerful people including the man obasanjo who brought him into.
    As we decide to vote, we should also decide that any leader who refuses to give us electricity in 2yrs must face our protest like in Tunisia and Egypt. The yoruba's should no longer be cowards and should lead the protest while the igbo's and other tribes follow. Everybody has now seen the reason why the igbo man fought.
    It would be better for us to lay down our lives for our born and unborn children than for them to suffer what we have been through in the hands of evil men. Without force believe me that the niger delta will still suffer for the rest of their lives and yet this is a nation richer that europe and america.
    The issue has never been is the riches continent in the world....but evil men hijacked the nation. It is not enough to leave nigeria for europe or united states...we should remember that this is our country.
    i am not a politician but i am only bearing my mind.


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