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Two Nigerian businessmen, one french national and another US citizen have been arrested in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) based on accusations that they are involved in smuggling of Gold.
According to information, at the time of their arrest, they were in possession of millions of dollars and gold weighing close to 450 Kg. gathered they were arrested based on information that people who come to buy gold from armed gangs help fuel rebel wars in Eastern DRC. The natural resources are mostly controlled by armed gangs, who run a vast black market business under the guise of fighting for liberation from bad government.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is highly resourceful in natural minerals such as gold and coltan used in making phones. A highly placed political figure in DRC disclosed that those arrested came aboard an American registered aircraft from Abuja. The crew members consisting of three Americans and a Nigerian were also taken into gathered that the same aircraft was also there two weeks earlier.

The Nigerian, French American government are yet to make a statement regarding the alleged involvement of their citizens in gold smuggling and arrest in DRC.

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  1. Engr joe madu samuelFebruary 10, 2011 at 10:19 PM

    why did you make such a news with the piture of our president?? Is he the one that commited the crime.. Just to make a scandal and fun of him... A crime he doesn't know about... Please take ur time and remove this picture or ill fly this in the probe cbs.. Nonsense.


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