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City people's fashion editor, Bola Akinboade did a story on the reasons why it is becoming increasingly difficult for celebrity women to find husbands. did a 'disection' on her points. Happy reading

  MOST ELIGIBLE MEN ARE NOT READY TO SETTLE DOWNDo you know that alot of the eligible guys out there are still struggling to make ends meet? Bola Akinboade wrote that our society is made in such a way that it is easier for women to strike a business deal than men. One of the reasons why women hold key positions in companies,with fat salaries as take home. Most women who are financially bouyant would think less of marriage. The report says that the fact that the cost of living is increasing everyday will make a man take a second thought before considering marriage.


Another reason why most celebrity women dont find husband is the strong coat attitude they put up after going through several heart breaks. You know some people were sure of marriage with their partners until they receive the shocking note "I am no more interested" from the man. After one or two experinces it became too difficult to trust any man even when the serious one eventually shows up.


Some women are just too busy pursuing their career that they forget that its time to settle down in marriage.Some women are so concerned about the career that they give low or even zero tolerance for building relationships.


Some men feel intimidated at the rising profile of their female partner.For some guys out there, they don't see a woman that is richer than them as someone who would be submissive to them in marriage.At the end, most guys usually 'burst out' of such relationship.


It would be difficult for a celebrity woman to find a husband to call her own if she is the type that have set too high standard for herself. Some women are never satisfied with tany man that comes their way. They like to choose and drop until they find out that age is no longer on their side and there was nothing to choose again. Today, they want a man that look like Will Smith, tommorow its D'banj and next tommorow maybe someone that has the position and charisma of Obama.


Getting a suitable husband would be difficult for a man who is too independent and uncontrollable.Having made their own money,own shares in multinational companies with line of family fortune, some women see little or nothing to gain in marriage. They also believe that they dont need a man to control them after all they have all they could even wanted material wise.


Finding a man who is actually truthful and romantic, according to Bola Akinboade, is a big challenge to most Nigerian women.In her report in City People magazine, the fashion editor said ladies are easily pissed off by some attitudes exhibited by guys such smoking and excessive drinking.Instead of also staying by their true love, some guys love to sleep around with rich women so that they came money off them.


Most guys prefer younger women especially those still in their 20s. Those who are in their 30s hadly get much suitors because men believe they must have played away their time. " This make most women in their 3os stuck with flings or dating younger men with zero prospect for marriage.


Most ladies who start off their lives dating married men usually get stucked later in life because they would have wasted their time with men who obviously have no marriage plan for them. They get easily carried away by the posh apartment rented to them by the sugar daddy, the car he bought and the travel to choice places around the world they make together. Before they realise it, they would have wasted much of their time. The search for their own man starts at the eleventh hour.


The search for the perfect man usually keep some ladies waiting for a long time before they settle down. They don't believe in settling for Mr. Second Best.They already have a clear imagination of the kind of man that they wanted, so the look must be exactly as they imagined it to be!


  1. How about men are too scared to be with a career woman. I hate it when people write shit about a woman not finding a man and writes up nonsense about women doing or not doing this or that. Why aren't there articles of men being chauvinists and archaic?

  2. Thanks Kamasutra, what about men, men are even worst, most men are also afraid of taking the initiative in getting married, they probably wants to sleep with almost all the ladies they come across in the name of looking for miss right whereas they are Mr wrong.

  3. This list is certainly on point!

  4. the same old and ultra recycled reasons, this write can do better. what is worth blogging about this, niyi?is like the Bola is your "ex" and you are....em....emm...kind of apologizing to her for making her to still be in the "market"..right, mr niyi?

  5. Whoever wrote this garbage should score the world biggest loser and fool

  6. Consider dis, men makes lots of promise to gals, making them beliv dy hav gud intensions. At d long run, dey abandon u not fulfillin dere promises. Would u b so stupid to tolerate such again,if u were to be d gal?

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