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It’s not easy being in public view, especially when you have to answer questions from reporters, get on TV interviews, disturbance by  paparazzi who want to have exclusive photos of you, talk of fans, I mean hundreds or even thousands of them who want your attention, all at the same time. It is really a big job. Big time celebrities get paid for all the troubles through endorsement deals, royalties and sales of their work and   performance fees.
   I bet this Bodyguard was trying to shield American top music star, Rihanna from the Press and some fans. He held Rihanna in a place, many people would consider out of bound! lol
 This guy must have been waiting for this kind of opportunity to 'press' Rihanna for long. 
 Rihanna needs to do a new song "How not to handle a celebrity" or is she enjoying it?
- niyi

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