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Marayah O, a fashion and lifestyle brand whose immediate focus is the creation of female ready-to-wear (RTW) clothing, has been in inception since 2010.

Easy , Comfy and Wearable best qualify this collection .Meeting the true definition of their audience- The free spirited, fun-loving, confident and happy woman.

Marayah O exist beyond the realm of just creating products, they derive ultimate satisfaction in impacting and celebrating our world. It is important that the Marayah O woman is celebrated even beyond her looks, continually abiding by these values both within and outside the team.
In the nearest future, Marayah O  hopes to fully integrate the entire fashion and lifestyle range from clothing to accessories and homes

The Street style ALPHA is simple, stylish, comfortable and wearable.
The collection was inspired by the idea that we live our lives mainly on the street. Nothing is ever fully achieved within the walls of our rooms only. The street is a major part of our daily existence. Going to work, school, lunch/dinner dates, business meetings, hangouts etc all wouldn’t exist without the streets. The collection is about being fashionable while living our lives.

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