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[caption id="attachment_4492" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Speaker, Dimeji Bankole and his look alike, Adeola Adediran aka Delly B Sabio"][/caption]

By Niyi Tabiti

Its amazing how much some people tend to look alike. For starters, have you  ever seen a lady that looks so much like your girlfriend, you grabbed her from behind and in a bid to play with her by kissing her, you suddenly realize she was just a look alike of your woman! Well, some guys who have been in this kind of embarrassing situations get 'hot'...I mean hot slaps for such case of mistaken identity.

Today, that was exactly what would have happened. was working on website for someone when i noticed this photo of this emerging hip hop star, Adeola Adediran popularly known as Delly B Sabio. The guy look so much like  Speaker of Nigeria House of Representatives (lower house of parliament). If one didn't look clearly, it would seem as if the speaker who has just lost his bid to return to the House has suddenly turned hip hop artiste like Dbanj and the rest.

Meanwhile, welcome your boy, Delly B on board the music train. The 'Shakara' exponent has a masters degree in Human Resources Development from the Indiana State University, USA. He is creative, energetic and ready to go all the way in his music career.


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