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Bent Arrows, a new movie produced by Isang Ubong-Awah was premiered on April 14 at Silverbird Galleria in Lagos. It was  a Nollywood congress as many of Nigeria's top movie stars graced the occasion.

The roll call of those at the event include top Nollywood stars/producers/directors- Genevieve Nnaji, Stella Damasus Aboderin, Omoni Oboli, Ashionye Ugbo Raccah, Lanslot Imasuen, Emem Isong and others

The movie premiere was sponsored by UACN Plc, Rainbow Workstation

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The story lines of Bent Arrows weave together to explore many themes such as sexual abuse, undue parental control, betrayal, revenge etc. The movie tells the story of three innocent young girls and how their innocence became battered in the hands of men, turning them into broken-hearted and emotionally shattered girls looking for revenge.

Idara (Sylvia Oluchy), a young girl sent to live with her maternal uncle in Abuja, is brutally raped. When she gets pregnant, she is forced to sleep with a doctor as payment for an abortion. Repeatedly abused by men, she becomes hardened and proceeds to use her sexuality to get the finer things of life. Lola (Omoni Oboli) after almost being smothered by her parents (Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva) and being cheated on by her fiancée, Seyi (David Nnaji) decides to become a bad girl. A teenage Ngozi (Stella Damasus) goes into prostitution as a means of fending for her sick mother and younger sisters. Bitter and vengeful, Ngozi is on a mission to revenge the wrong done to her mother several years earlier.

Speaking on the movie premiere, Isang Ubong-Awah said 'when we had the premiere of 'Bent Arrows' in Abuja we were awed at the rate of the success and the amount of accolades people showered on the movie. This was what gave us the confidence to once again premiere the movie in Lagos before its arrival at the cinema.

Directed by Lancelot Imaseun, 'Bent Arrows' has its own independent sound track produced by Cobhams Asuquo and features notable names like Styl Plus of Olufunmi fame, the Rooftop MC's(Lagimo), Nikki Laoye and Stella Damasus.

Bent Arrows will be in cinemas across the federation from April 15th, 2011.

- Photo Credit: Tyna Ezenna

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