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Ayeni Adekunle is not one to forget things easily. The ebullient publisher of Nigeria Entertainment News Today and his team have shown that if others can forget, they can never forget the impact of Dagrin, the rapper and entertainment who died last year in fatal auto accident in Mushin.

As part of ways to immortalize Dagrin, Ayeni and members of his team have announced the first memorial lecture in honour of the departed rap star. gathered that the organizers are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to have a successful lecture.

A statement signed by the paper’s Publisher Ayeni Adekunle, says the
reason for the memorial Lecture, is ‘obvious to us all’.
‘Dagrin died in very tragic circumstances. A young man who was full of
life; who was very hardworking and very promising had his life cut
short in such horrible manner. Could his death, just like that of CD
John, Chidinma Mbalaso and many others have been prevented?’ Ayeni
The Memorial Lecture, scheduled to hold at Protea Hotels, in Ikeja
GRA, at a yet-to-be-announced date, will feature speakers from all
relevant industries: security and safety; media, health and medicine,
governance, entertainment, communication, management and others.
‘We’re working on getting relevant people from the FRSC, Police Force,
Nigerian Medical Association, as other bodies; including
representatives from the musician’s union as well as the labels, to
come educate us all on what we need to know on pertinent health,
safety, living, investment and other issues, using the tragic case of
Dagrin as case study.
‘It is our desire that our artistes and their minders will find
important lessons from this lecture; as well as all those who work
within the entertainment industry. How many of us still sit behind our
steering and drive even when we’ve been drinking? How many have all
the relevant insurance? What can we do about the hospital policy that
makes it impossible for you to get even emergency treatment unless you
pay a deposit? Who benefits when you’re dead? What’s the role of the
FRSC, state governments, Federal Government, Nigeria Police, PMAN,
Record labels, and other institutions in all of these?’
Speakers and facilitators for the inaugural Dagrin Memorial Lecture
will be announced in a few weeks.
Founded on November 23, 2009, Nigerian Entertainment Today is
Nigeria’s fastest-growing entertainment, youth lifestyle and urbane
culture journal.
With an aim to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information and
entertainment to audiences wherever they are, the journal started off
with a website ( . The print version kicked off on
April 26, 2010- four days after Dagrin’s tragic passing.
Founded by respected entertainment writer and critic Ayeni Adekunle,
Nigerian Entertainment Today combines reporting from an in-house team
of well-trained writer-reporters, as well as contributions from some
of the finest names in Nigerian media and entertainment.
With an aim to objectively and responsibly cover the Nigerian
entertainment industry, Nigerian Entertainment Today also celebrates
the best of Nigerian talents with a view to enlighten, educate,
entertain and inform numerous readers in Nigeria and the world as a


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