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Recent media report has it that Somachi, the daughter of one time minister of Avaiation, Chief Mrs. Kema Chikwe  is already on the verge of collapse as she and her husband has gone their seperate ways.

According to the report, Somachi could no longer endure the way her husband turned her into a 'punching bag' after every little provocation. While some are saying Somachi her self was a spoilt child who did not take her domestic commitment seriously, others are of the view that the man was not patient enough with woman he professed to love with his whole life. gathered that Somachi has already packed out of the house to ease tension around her. Pray they get back.

By the way, Somachi is a sister to award winning musician, Naeto C. kini big deal abeg!



  1. Somachi was barely 22 when she married, she was in lust not love and her mother wanted to use state money to fund her wedding. The marriage has been thrash since day 1.

  2. Toyin
    thats an unfair thing to see haba
    granted she married early
    but if her husband was indeed a boxer,you want her to stay so he kills her
    SMH @ some women
    we need to be less hasty to post a comment
    stop being judgemental
    I dont know her from adam
    but thats really a bad thing to say

  3. The girl dey for mansion for Potomac where Orji Uzor Kalu and Atiku get house. Her and her five children dey jolly for Maryland. Punching bag is doing well.

  4. Somachi married @ 22. d marriage crashed in 2005 and not today..I know for a fact. D divorce was finally certified this year. She moved to her mother's house early 2006. she was thrown out of her matrimonial home in pregnancy. her husband moved into a hotel and later bought another house. Somachi gave birth to her 3rd child in her mothers house. she relocated to d U.S early 2007.she has four sons. this gist is stale gist!

  5. gist master, u can sabi how to lie


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