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I have kept my 'dignity' for three years after Bode decided that we should go our separate ways because the relationship lack focus. He was always traveling and most times we had to spend together, he would spend half of it attending to his family issues.

I kept my self away from any man. Those who have approached me ended up getting frustrated with my attitude because i just could not give them my time because of what I went through with Bode.

All this changed less than two weeks after Dave started work in my office. There is something about him that makes my day anytime . It must be his innocent look. He's got a sense of style and an appealing smile- that you  just have to smile back.

I don't know what we have got in common but I appreciate the fact that he is a good listener.Since Dave joined my department, things have become more effective.

He has just been recruited by an HR company working with my firm.  He is not one of those that sees a female boss as a threat. He respects me so much and sometimes I get embarrassed.

Well you can say I am cheap, but never knew that things could happen so fast. Yes, I have soft spot for him but never have i imagined that it would lead to something very fast talk less of it happening in the office.

It was after the close of work on a Friday . My driver was waiting anxiously but i told him i wasn't just ready. Dave heard me telling the driver that i still have somethings to do in the office, so he  offered to take me home after we  finish working on some files. The driver wanted to sort out some personal issues that day so i let him go.

Dave and I settled to work in the office, As my junior he listened with rapt attention as i gave out instructions, he was carrying out my orders. I wished he would just hold me and give me a kiss. suddenly i noticed his eyes was fixed to me, then he smiled.

He sat very close and touched me. He rubbed my lap and in seconds, his tongues were already in my mouth, I tried to push him off but I became weaker with the heat of passion breezing through me. I have always wanted this to happen but not so fast. The whole thing started in my office.

As much as i tried to stop it from happening, he turned me on and on and i just switched off with his gentle touch. I thought we could control the situation and stop but i found myself making an aggressive move. I unzipped him with one hand and used the  other hand to hold his head close to mine. He responded with a kiss. He led me to the couch and we did it!

That night i was so ashamed that i let him go. I drove myself home with mixed feelings. How did it happen, i asked myself rhetorically. Have just been used? No, this is rubbish! The following Monday, i couldn't go to work, i was so shy, that i didn't want to see him. What if he had told people about he did with his 'boss'?thought, thought, thought. I enjoyed it because it was as if i have just been released from a bondage.

On Tuesday, I resumed and guess what the first person i saw was Dave. We didn't talk about what happened. The same thing on Wednesday. On Thursday, he came to my office to get a flash drive. He asked me a question and a smile from him changed my mood. He smiled like someone who begging for forgiveness. I put my hand on his neck like a baby. Yes, i have suddenly turned to a baby because of someone I met less than a month. I told him that we would talk later...

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  1. i understood you,ve kept your dignity for a while to my knowledge ,well i,m 08083329199,, ilive in warri delta state i won,t mind if you keep updating me inorder words know was in between the line,you will appreciate knowing me.

  2. Dis is really interest and i hope you can send the complete part of ur story and u v done nothing wrong cos u v been lonely for the past three years and may b you should keep d happiness going. u can contact me /08023240133

  3. my dear everyone does what makes he or she happy.pls kindly update me on the remaining story.08060863351, guess am in the same shoes with you but have not fallen yet.

  4. wonder why guys are sending there phone numbers?/
    anyways i like your writing style..keep it coming

  5. idon't know why some men are so heartless? well u did what was right and i luv it

  6. Hy dear what you did is normal sometimes love is unable to control well
    I will like to hear more about the story mail me on

  7. am anxiously awaitin d part 2 seriously girlfrnd get a grip on ur emotions,cos dts wat shappenin here.ur emotions r running haywire.except if u r in it jst 4d ride.av bin in dt place and i rily undastnd u,but dnt let ur emotions b d judge of ur relationships cos u will end up hurt again.av fun dear,live lyf!!!!

  8. [...] miss you”, Dave said. I pretended not to have heard him. Since the last time, ‘we did what did’ together in the office, I stopped talking to [...]

  9. [...] miss you”, Dave said. I pretended not to have heard him. Since the last time, ‘we did what did’ together in the office, I stopped talking to [...]

  10. Nice colum i wish to know the end of the story.

  11. my dear what u did were not bad, afterall u have been lonely 4 three years now.Let ur emotion decide what ur actions will be.fellow ur heart.I wish to hear the story complete .Contact me no 07066738209 or


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