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Cossy Orjiakor, the 'boobs-sty' entertainer is not all about showing off her natural milk endowment. She is a shrewd business woman. She knows where and how to invest her money right.Stella Dimoko- Korkus, a blogger and Senior Foreign Correspondent with Encomium magazine revealed in her column this week that Cossy is embarking on another project, constructing mini flats in Lekki Area of Lagos. 
  According to the gist, Cossy was seen giving instructions on how the builders should handle work on the site.Sources said she was also seen at the construction site on 3 May 2011.
We all know that she lives in her own house and has property elsewhere. Cossy is one of Nigeria's few actresses and singers who have either built or bought their own personal houses. Unconfirmed gist says she is also one of the richest.
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  1. How can a grown woman go out dressed like that? Incredible, because I know that if I dressed like that, I wouldn't live to tell the tale - my father will kill me...and I'm not exaggerating, he will kill me!

  2. sorry o but wat exactly is her job biko cos dis acting nd singing im yet to see

  3. Good luck to her! The only thing I can say is that I hope she covers up when she is out on site giving instructions because I don't see how that would work :)
    As for throwing stones...We should think of how to make life better for ourselves. There are important things in life that demand our attention.

  4. Soon Tossy would be the first Nigerian woman to host a porn site.
    She is already into pornography as a profession and the only thing that remains is to get enough fans. Well the moment I see her PUSSY and it looks as good as her BOOBS, I wouldnt mind considering being one of her fans.
    ....hunger for money....but cossy, do you ever think that these dirty images, once on the internet, are now in public hands for ever even when you are off the line and you no longer like them?
    The bitter truth is that in the next 20 years, your BOOBS, your PUSSY and your BOOTS would no longer be like they are today but these images will retain their nature and they remain images of COSSY ORJIAKOR.
    ....Use your brains!

  5. happy for ur good deeds buh i still smh for u. cover up for ones dummy


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