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Five Products You Should Borrow From Your Boyfriend or Brother

We’ve borrowed everything from blazers and jeans to oversized tees from the boys. Now we’re raiding their bathroom cabinets for beauty, ahem, we mean “grooming” products! Here are 5 must-try male products we swear by: 

After Shave. Whether it’s on their beard or bikini line, both men and women battle razor bumps. You are guaranteed to see results with an alcohol free razor treatment that makes a visible difference in just 2 days.
Electric Shaver. Maybe you’d be more inclined to buy your own than borrow his. But your guy is definitely onto something here. An electric shaver reduces razor bumps and is great for “landscaping” in between waxes. Some electric shavers like  give you such a close cut, there’s no need for waxing or depilatories. 

Hand Lotion. Engineered with men who work with their hands in mind, is perfect for restoring dry, rough skin.  The rich, non-greasy formula will leave your hands silky smooth and mend damaged cuticles. 

Razor. If you’re yearning a sleek shave for your legs, borrow his razor. Try Gillette M3 Power, a razor that combines 3 blade shaving technology with patented-coated blades and the power micropulses. Boys get all the cool stuff! 

Deodorant. While there are ton of antiperspirants for women that claim to have the same strength of men’s deodorants, we’re completely sold on Gillette’s 3x Invisible Solid in Power Rush. The musky scent masks odor in a way women’s powdery scents don’t. Plus men’s deodorant tends to be cheaper!

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