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The (ERMC) aka “Easy Riders MC” is seeking out opportunities to enlighten beginners as well as established riders wishing improve their skills through the exchange of experiences and knowledge. By this, the club interacts with the community; corporate bodies and organs of government in order to pursue promote and protect the interest of all motorcyclists for their benefit and safety countrywide.

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Being a socially responsible entity, the ERMC has made it a duty to give back to the society whilst also correcting public perceptions about power bike riders.

Central concerns echoed by members at a recently organized rally by the Easy Riders Motorcycle Club of Nigeria were summarized as young children in Nigeria today- being faced with so many challenges that threaten their future, hence the urgent need for positive action which if not promptly taken, may give rise to angry and disenfranchised individuals.

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According to Ms. Matilda Otulana, the Secretary General of the club, “many people have misconceptions about riders; they are majorly perceived as irresponsible individuals. However, as a club, one of our key objectives is to support fellow members and extend assistance, particularly the less privileged. The “ride for charity” is our way of creating awareness about this need to provide some sort of assistance  ” she added.

The EMRC has gone ahead to adopt the Juvenile Welfare Centre (JWC) in Alakara, Mushin Lagos. The JWC represents the social welfare arm of the Nigerian Police and serves as the central point of distribution for all abandoned children in the Lagos area to orphanages.

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Otulana further stated that the choice of the JWC was strategic as it will afford the club get to the children who really need the support the club could offer.

In addition to working with orphanages, the club in collaboration with the Federal Road Safety Corp has been involved in Safety Awareness programmes for motorcycle riders in Lagos. “If we must live to ride, then we must ride to live” Otulana affirmed. As part of the body’s plan to achieve the aforementioned, the national bodies for motorcyclists have scheduled a convention for the city of Ibadan in October, 2011 which will further provide an opportunity to address pertinent issues with special focus on safety concerns and further aid charities.

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