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Medical Alert: Why “Bubbly” Motunrayo Committed Suicide

Initially, I didn’t want to write about this because there were a lot of negative  happenings at that time and didn’t want the blog to look “blue”. But sometimes, we need to face some issues eyeball to eyeball and deal with them, (hence our placing this in out Human Interest slot) .

A graduate of the University of Lagos, Motunrayo, was said to have committed suicide some time last week because her boyfriend jilted her. But we have just been enlightened by someone close to Motunrayo that the story was incomplete. According to the friend:
I actually know the deceased and she did not end her life bcos of a man as is being reported. She suffered from acute depression and a break up with her Bf amongst other things added to her depression. She had alot going for her and was always a bubbly extroverted girl, full of life.
She went abroad last year for her masters and started feeling very low and depressed alot but no one thot it to be anything serious. She later deferred and moved back to Nigeria. On her return she cut off from her friends, deleted almost all her bb contacts and would not return anyones calls, she hardly left her house and just felt detached and abandoned. She lived with her sister and soon later started giving her attitude which caused a rift between them. She didnt want people knowing she was back in the country and kept to herself. Nobody thought anything of it.

On saturday she said she was going to a friend’s house and instead locked herself in her room and hanged herself. Her body was only discovered until Monday. While the break up obviously added to her depression, it was not the sole cause of her suicide. She had family problems, had an operation to remove a cyst and was just generally disturbed by alot of things. She was to start a new job with MTN the same Monday and her father had recently bought her a new car.

I guess she got to the level where she felt no one cared and no one would even notice if she were gone. I mean she was dead for 2 days before she was even found. I feel suicide is a selfish act and an easy way out of life. People suffering from depression should be monitored and always around positive energy cos if not, you are silently killing yourself and its only a matter of time before they start thinking of evil.

It’s important we pay attention to those around us, so we can recognize when they need help. Suicide is actually an attack on the soul (mind, will and emotions) of a person. It should never be an option.

Acute depression is also quantified as a major depressive disorder. This is a form of clinical depression in which the symptoms are more intense and can even become life-threatening if the patient begins to seriously consider suicide. Professional medical help is encouraged for those dealing with acute depression, and treatment may include medication, lifestyle changes, counseling, hospitalization or even electro-convulsive therapy. A person suffering from acute depression may not be aware he is suffering from a treatable disease, so it may become vitally important for those around him to be aware of symptoms and signs.

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