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The Stick Up Collection by Qomé (season 1)

'This is the first of a series of designs that will be released under the Stick-Up Collection (season 1). This is Pako by Qome.
Pako (pronounced kpa-ko), is a man who, regardless of the mediocrity around him, holds his head high. His confidence in himself is often interpreted as arrogance and his response to accusations of conceit is a tongue-sticking out taunt .

The concept Pako was born from Nigerian Afrobeat King Fela Anikulapo’s song by the same name. While the general impression of a “pako” is someone hardened from poverty, Fela saw a pako as someone competent, someone who stuck to his strengths and excelled in his chosen field.

Dare to be a Pako, Defy detraction, Don a Pako by Qomé

Tega Alllen-Agbosa- Designer

Qome, The Clothing Company's ethos are Quality, innovation and Fun.


1 comment:

  1. Great stuff. Are any of these out on sale now? There's something fresh about the art


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